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Discover the Beauty of British Columbia’s Outdoor Life

Let`s plan together your future adventure

Are you an outdoor lover? Do you fancy activities that will keep your adrenaline pumping all through? Or have you been thinking of a perfect holiday spot for you and your family? Whatever, it is that you are looking for; British Columbia (BC) might just be the place for you. It promises a great deal of adventurous, exciting and thrilling experience that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life.

This province is guaranteed to afford you the opportunities that will have you ticking off items off your bucket list. You are sure to never have a dreary day here, from hiking in the local hiking trails to skiing in the mountains, canoeing, whale watching in the Pacific and many activities that you can do outside while appreciating the beautiful scenery.

Before you start packing your bags, these are a few things that you should know about British Columbia;

• More than half of its land mass is made up of forest with most of it untapped.

• It is widely known for its mountains.

• The English language is spoken by the majority of the citizens.

• The province is safe for both tourist and locals.

• It has a lot of tourist sites and attractions for people from all walks of life.

• There is an effective transportation system in place to ease of moving around.

Discover some regions

Places to Visit in British Columbia

Whether you are searching for a place to have thrilling and fun activities outside or a place to just lay back and relax in the outdoors, BC has you covered. Check out these fantastic places;

Ski down the Whistler Mountain Range

Famous for its mountains and ski resorts, home to the largest ski resort in North America, the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort located at the foot of the Whistler Blackcomb Mountains. If you are not a fan of skiing, don’t fret yet, as there are other exciting outdoor activities you can explore in Whistler. You can go biking or golfing or just explore the beautiful town of Whistler, from its hotels to restaurants and shops.

The good thing about this town is that you can visit it all year and still get to do some adventurous and fun.

Get The Experience of a Lifetime in Yoho national park

This park is the smallest of the Canadian Rockies, housing many lakes and pond with the largest being the Emerald Lake and the beautiful and captivating Lake O’Hara to the Takkakaw Falls, and Wapta Falls. It is an excellent site for local hiking, picnics or even just an outdoor walk. Discover the beauty of this park as you venture into its exciting and captivating atmosphere; just make sure you don't forget to take as many pictures as you can.

Go Through the Rough Terrains of the West Coast Trail

If you are looking for an activity to do outside, the west coast trail hike is for you, it is believed to follow the trail of the ancestors of Canada, this trail boasts of 75Km stretch. It takes hikers through mud, waterfalls, ladder climbing and rainforest. Canada’s' West Coast Trail is part of the Pacific Rim National park reserve situated at the south-west coast of Vancouver Island. This hiking is a little bit difficult and not suitable for amateurs.

Discover the Beauty of Vancouver Island

Whether on a plane or with a ferry ride, this is a must go place if you find yourself in BC. Vancouver Island is the capital city of British Columbia and also the largest city in the province. It has an array of cheap and different varieties of seafood that will have you discover your taste buds. This town attracts tourists through its many attractions like the Pacific Rim National park, Tofino, West coast trail and many more.

God’s pocket off the Northern Vancouver Island offers dive resorts for people that are looking to go scuba diving when visiting the city.

Visit The Breathtakingly Beautiful Victoria’s Inner Harbor

Victoria City has one of the best scenery in the whole of Canada not just British Columbia; it features beautiful colonial architecture that dates back to centuries away. Right in the center of this city is the inner harbor known many things including the Empress hotel, the causeway, Coho ferry, Robert Bateman gallery and restaurants, petite cruise ships and recreational vessels.

To experience the full might of the harbor, it is better to visit in summer when restaurants have opened up their patios for outdoor dining.

So, when next you are planning a holiday in whatever season and at any time, especially when it involves outdoor activities, think of British Columbia with all its beauty and adventures yet to be discovered by many, think of all the activities that you can do outside in the trails walked by not many people. Remember that you can have a great deal of fun local hiking, riding, kayaking, canoeing and lots more.

British Columbia, the city with a lot of beauty undiscovered by many.