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Hiking New Jersey

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Travel to the Incredible sights and Scenes of New Jersey

If you count the cities in USA that are full of potential for incredible outdoor activities and sightseeing, New Jersey definitely comes in the top 10. This hilly state is among the most beautiful in the country and people come here from all over the country to enjoy their time. The potential that you find here for exploration and fun is quite amazing and we are going to share with you some of the potential spots that you can explore during your time here.

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What to explore in New Jersey?

As far as adventure is concerned, you will find an abundance of it in this state. However, the exploration usually starts with the exploration of the famous Jersey Shore (of course we don't mean the show but the beautiful warm beaches of this state). But these beaches only come by after you have explored the boardwalks that provide an endless supply of rich culture and fun activities. You can take a historical tour of the lighthouses and if you are feeling lucky then perhaps you can visit Atlantic City casinos.

Camping in New Jersey

Among the most popular outdoor activities that you can do is go for camping. There are a number of different nice camping grounds that you can visit to have a fun time. The most noteworthy locations include; The Great Divide Campground, the High Point State Park, the Allaire State Park and many more. There are a few RV based camping grounds as well and if you want to enjoy your time being lazy and relaxed then you can opt for a resort with water spots like Beachcomber or Lake Kandle.

Hiking Spots

If you are a fan of hikes and want to explore the great outdoors in New Jersey then there are several great places that you can visit. These include spots like Allaire State Park, Cape May Point, High Point State Park, Mohican Outdoor center and several more. These spots offer incredible trekking opportunities and people who visit these spots usually end up falling in love with this place. This beautiful and natural attachment causes them to come back to New Jersey for more and more.

Famous Trails

While there are several places that you can enjoy walking around in at the locations provided above, there are some that are dedicated especially for trail enjoyment. The spots worth visiting include Henry Hudson Trail, Batona Trail, Hudson Bike Loop, Old Troy County Park and several more. This abundance is due to the overall hilly landscape of the state. These places offer incredibly scenic views on all fronts and is unparalleled in many ways against some of the top destinations in the entire world and are overall definitely worth visiting.

Fishing Spots

There is a major influx of people in New Jersey who come here just to have a peaceful fishing experience. The reason of their willingness to travel here for this specific activity is the fact that there are several great spots around the state for fishing. Among the top spots are the Allaire State Park, the Apex Anglers, Cape May Point State Park, Charter Boats by William Knorr and several others. The fishing experience one gets in these spots are unmatched and demonstrate why people keep coming here.

Other Activities

While these are the main activities that one can indulge in, there are a range of other possibilities as well when visiting New Jersey. There is an abundance of mountain ranges around the area and people go there for all sorts of activities and games. If in case you are someone who enjoys social gatherings you can visit other activities as well like visit street fairs, festivals, farmers markets and so much more. The possibilities of how you can enjoy your time in this state are in many ways endless.

Stay Informed

Just like any other visit, it is important that you are aware of the things to expect in any particular state. Same is the case for New Jersey and we highly recommend taking a look at the tourism website of New Jersey. You will find a lot of useful information regarding your trip that you may even end up needing. We hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful state and take back great memories with you.