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Wilson Lake may refer to United States Wilson Lake (Cleveland County, Arkansas) Wilson Lake (Columbia County, Arkansas) Wilson Lake (Nevada County, Arkansas) Wilson Lake (Pulaski County, Arkansas) Wilson Lake (Randolph County, Arkansas) Wilson Lake (Alabama) Wilson Lake (Kansas) Wilson Lake (Maine) Wilson Lake (Michigan), part of the Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed Wilson Lake in Mineral County, Montana Wilson Lake (Wisconsin) Wilson Lake (New Jersey) Canada Wilson Lake (Nova Scotia)

The Wilson Lake is a beautiful and serene place to visit in New Jersey. It's the perfect spot for a peaceful day of fishing, swimming, or simply taking in the natural beauty of the area. The lake is well-known for its large and healthy population of bass, making it a popular destination for anglers. There are also plenty of areas around the lake that are perfect for a picnic lunch or a relaxing afternoon nap.

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Wilson Lake
Wilson Lake, Clayton, NJ 08322, USA

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The Wilson Lake trails can be accessed from the main entrance on East Veterans Highway in Jackson, NJ.

Why visit Wilson Lake

The Wilson Lake in New Jersey is a great place to visit because it offers a variety of activities for people of all ages. The lake has a beautiful view, and it is a great place to go fishing, swimming, and boating. There are also several hiking trails that lead to the lake, and the area is full of wildlife.

Is Wilson Lake in New Jersey a good place for the whole family?

Wilson Lake is a great place for the whole family. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone busy, including fishing, swimming, and boating.

Things not to be missed

The best activities near Wilson Lake in New Jersey include swimming, fishing, and boating. There are also several hiking trails in the area that offer beautiful views of the lake.

Hiking, fishing, and kayaking are all popular activities near Wilson Lake. The lake is also a great place for birdwatching, as it is home to a variety of waterfowl and other birds.

Where to eat?

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2. The Farmhouse at the Inn at Millrace Pond

3. The Grange

4. Hamilton's Grill Room

5. Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar

6. Highlawn Pavilion

7. Lambertville Station Restaurant

8. The Olde Mill Inn

9. Peddler's Village

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