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Hiking Adventures You Must Not Miss in Nova Scotia

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For every outdoor lover, Nova Scotia is a paradise. With its variety of breathtaking scenery, beautiful people and a plethora of outdoor adventures, every experience here is a unique one. You're probably looking for an adventurous travel experience in a lovely atmosphere. Don't worry, Nova Scotia will exceed your expectations?

As a natural paradise that it is, Nova Scotia has got everything from highlands to beaches, waterfall and lighthouses. Your trip to this paradise won't be complete without you doing this adventurous and fun stuff.

Discover some regions

Have Fun Paddling in Kejimkujik National Park

Whether you're a very experienced paddler or only starting out, Kejimkujik National Park has got you covered. If you're a novice paddler, you can travel the mellow Mersey River by kayak or canoe. If you happen to have more experience with paddling, you might want to do the Big Dam Lake or the 48 km Peskowesk Lake. Don't worry about equipment, they can easily be rented from a nearby park.

Cycling Through the Backroads of Nova Scotia's Shore

Along the south shore of Nova Scotia between Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg, there are some of the most beautiful scenery. The best way to fully appreciate this beauty and enjoy the views is to hop on a bike and bike through the south shore. Aspotogan Peninsula is a good route. If you decide to take a trip to Blue Rocks to prepare yourself for a moderately bumpy ride.

Day Hike the Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail

The Coastal Trail in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park is the number one backpacking trip in Nova Scotia. On a 51 km loop trail, the hike is exciting and enjoyable. However, the most enjoyable part of the day hike is the section between seal cove and bare rock. You'll be astonished by amazing the scenery either at beach level or on the cliff top.

Kayaking in the Phenomenal Peggy's Cove Area

Many people take a look at Peggy's Cove and dismiss the idea of kayaking in it. However, marine charts have proved that the area is totally safe for kayaking. This is because the cove has many islets and islands around it that tames the waves a little bit. You'll find the trip to be very scenic.

Explore the Cabot Trail on a bike

The Cabot Trail is considered to be one of the top Multi-day bike rides in North America. The trail is 300km long, and it takes around five to seven days to cover on a bike. On your way, you'll discover some surprises prepared by nature for you. The gorgeous pink, rocky shores, inspiring vistas, and secluded beaches, will awe you. Also, you'll find a few good mountains.

Discover Attractions in The Tidal Bay Eco-zone

There are many exciting things here. This bay presents a breathtaking outside world of different geology as well as escarpments all leading to the beaches. At the top of the rock, there is a forest for you to explore. Again, the beaches are there too for you to enjoy. The view of Eagles, Falcons, and shorebirds along the shore of the beach will be hard to get over.

Watch the Cape Split in Blomidon Provincial Park Come Alive

If you're a lover of great views and local hiking then you might want to consider hiking the cape split. This hiking trail rewards you with a generous view of the Bay of Fundy. Now, this is no ordinary view and when you catch a glimpse of lichen-covered cliffs, rock spires, and a bird-loving, rock pillar, you'll know why. If you time your trip for the mid-point of the incoming tide, you'll get a view of the turbulent tidal currents.

Visiting Nova Scotia may not come with a cheap price tag. However, if you have enough budget, the journey will be worth it in the end.