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Attractive Places in Arizona for Hikers, Hiking in Arizona

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Arizona is a slice of heaven. Imagine a desert abundant with jackrabbits, deers, and coyotes. The area boasts of various impressive landscaping with pine forests, red rocks, and the Grand Crayon being some of its highlights. As rugged, barren and remote as Arizona looks, it's not hard to see the exquisite outdoor beauty of the place. The naturalness of the area remains preserved till this day.

The Brown's Ranch Will Wow You

Brown's Ranch is a delight to hikers, bikers, and explorers. Apart from the fact that there are many hiking trails here, the scenery here is also beautiful and vast. Everything in Brown's Ranch is just so spectacular. There's the ranch-style Corral Trail and the looping Whiskey Bottle Trail. To top it all, you'll also get the priceless sunset view on Granite Mountain.

The Sabino Canyon is Exceptional

Sabino Canyon is located near Tucson. It's is a lush wilderness oasis that is hidden in the Santa Catalina Mountains. You'll only need to take a bus up the Canyon after which you can appreciate the many wonders of Arizona by day hiking down the road. Have fun!

Experience the West Fork Oak Creek Trail

Have you heard about the beautiful rock colors in Arizona? Well, at West Fork Oak Creek Trail, you'll get a perfect view of them. The place is a famous Sedona trial which offers a fantastic hiking experience, especially during autumn. At this time, the fall colors are in red and gold.

Explore the Vibrant Sandstones of Antelope Canyon

Located in northern Arizona, the Antelope Canyon is quite famous and abundant with colorful sandstone rock formations. Through centuries of erosion, some of these sandstone rocks have become slot canyons. Hikers can easily see them standing above them as they make their way through the area. This place is quite popular with photographers because the midday beams on the sandstone make it breathtakingly beautiful and worthy of capture.

You'll Love the Kachina Trial!

One of the great things about the Kachina Trial is that no matter what season you visits, the scenic beauty is always mesmerizing. This is a place you can go simply to enjoy the views. The view of unique flowers, flora, and fauna as well as that of the spectacular mountains of Flagstaff. All these are available to you as your day hike through the woods.

The Woods Canyon Lake has it All

This lake is versatile and offers more than just a lake view. People visit this fantastic area to kayak and take a dip in the lake, especially during the summer. It's even more beautiful with the view of the surrounding gorgeous forest to compliment it. Here, one can easily have a good time with friends and family. The best part of the thing is you can hike around the edge of the lake. This will afford you time away from the crowd while you appreciate the beauty all around you.

Don't Forget the Exciting Horton Creek

A hike through the Horton Creek will not prove tiresome in any way. This is because you'll be blessed with views of phenomenal waterfalls one after the other every step of the way. The Horton Creek is tucked away in the base of Mogollon Rim. This place is not lacking in the greenery department, and it is sure to be the ultimate experience, especially for hikers and lovers of waterfalls.

Saying Arizona is beautiful is an understatement, the place is absolutely gorgeous! If you have the opportunity to travel there, make sure to explore the land and discover as much as you can.