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5 Exciting Things Every Nature Lover Should Do in Yukon, Hiking in Yukon

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Most tourists that visit Yukon confess to doing so because of their love of pristine, untouched wilderness. When you consider Yukon's spectacular wildlife, its star-filled skies, and its remarkable mountains, you'll see how awe-inspiring the paradise is. It brings outdoor lovers closer to nature in so many ways. Relax and read on for the fun things you could do in Yukon.

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Kluane National Park and Reserve
Kluane National Park and Reserve are two units of Canada's national park system, located in the extreme southwestern corner of Yukon, Canada. Kluane National Park Reserve was established in 1972, covering 22,013 km2 (8,499 sq mi). The park ...
Tombstone Territorial Park
The Tombstone Territorial Park is a beautiful park located in the Yukon Territory of Canada. The park is known for its stunning mountain scenery and wildlife. Visitors can enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing in the park. Th...

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Explore the Miles Canyon Basaltic Cliffs

In 1883, Miles Canyon was named after General Nelson Miles. The Canyon was at one time a narrow channel of wild rapids which swallowed the boats and dreams of brave miners during the Klondike Gold Rush. The rapids were latter tamed. However, they remain one of the most beautiful stretches of the Yukon River. The Canyon's 50-foot basaltic walls are one of the things that makes it so appealing.

You can access this Canyon through hiking trails. Day hike or take the suspension bridge in the area. As you appreciate the beauty of the basalt, you'll likely discover ravers, bald eagles, otters, and bears. It depends all on the time of your time of visit, though.

Visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Because up to 80 per cent of Yukon's land remains in a pristine state that is favorable for wildlife to survive, a large amount of the place is already a safe wildlife reserve. If, however, you want a condensed view of the spectacular animals that Yukon harbors, you should visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. With up to 700 acres of different landscape, you'll find the reserve rich with rolling hills, rocky cliffs, and wetlands. You'll also find various animals like wood bison, arctic foxes, moose, thinhorn sheep, and mountain goat.

Hike the Kluane National Park

Many nature lovers love to hike, and if you're one, you'll be excited to learn about the Kluane National Park. This Park is a world heritage site. With its glaciers, grasslands, and peaks, the Park provides an undisturbed refuge area for wolves, grizzlies, lynx, and many other animal species. Want to experience the true vastness of this Park's charm? Pack your camping bag and make sure to book a tour guide.

Bask in the Phenomenal Glow of the Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is one remarkable feature that you have to love Yukon for. Every year, the Yukon skies present one of the most spectacular light shows that nature has to offer just as the long summer starts to give way to the beginning of fall. The spectacular phenomenon that is termed "Aurora Borealis" is as a result of electrically charged particles from the sun entering our atmosphere. When this happens, spiraling ribbons and rippling curtains of bright green and purple light undulate and dance across the Yukon sky.

This show is so beautiful it draws the eye of people from all over the globe. Though there's no way to guarantee that this fantastic light will appear at a particular time, the best chance you'll get at seeing it is between late August and mid-April.

Mount Sima is great for Mountain Biking

When it comes to offering adventurous activities for nature lovers, you can trust Whitehorse's Mount Sima not to disappoint. During winter, mount Sima is just the perfect location for snowboarding and skiing on varying trails, and it doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a pro. However, mount Sima can offer more than skiing and snowboarding opportunities. In summer, you'll be able to ride the chairlift and rip downhill on your mountain bike. Better still, you can take in Sima's scenic descents by foot on any of the many hiking trails on the mountain.

Hurry! Start making plans to spend your next vacation in Yukon. Use the recommendations here, and you'll be glad you did.