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Best Outdoor Activities and Attractions in Utah, Hiking in Utah

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Anyone who has ever visited Utah knows the paradise is no ordinary place. The awe it holds can humble anyone. The site is home to many blood-orange slot canyons, rusted-red sandstone towers and other streams of resources for outdoor enthusiasts. It's not surprising that people flock there to experience its many wonders.

Finding your own piece of paradise won't be hard since the land is vast enough. When you go to Utah, you shouldn't leave until you've tried out these fun outdoor adventures.

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Hike through Zion National Park to Angels Landing

Angels landing is one of the best hiking areas in the Zion National park. One other thing that makes the place superb is its breathtaking views. The journey from the bottom of the Zion Canyon to Angel's landing is a steady climb of 440m. Most hikers prefer to do a two miles hike through the West Rim Trail before accessing the half-mile trail that leads to Angels Landing. At the final stretch of the walk, there's a narrow spine rock line.

If you're afraid of height, this area may scare you. When you finally get to Angel's landing, you'll discover the day hike is really worth it.

Rafting the Cataract Canyon Will Be a Thrill

Looking for the ideal place to go on a memorable river rafting? Then the Cataract Canyon is that place. Situated inside the Canyon lands National Park, the epic white water extends across the Colorado River. It takes outfitters or private groups up to five days to completely travel the 100 miles long river. Alongside raftering, visitors have the opportunity to also camp along the river and hike to petroglyphs in the area.

Go Skiing in the Greatest Snow on Earth

Utah's snow has been termed the "Greatest snow on earth" there's such an abundant downpour of them that skiers ride the slopes until July 4th. In fact, people travel from various part of the world to either snowboard or ski the countless miles of Utah's backcountry. If you love skiing, you need not think twice about this place.

Biking the Mountains of the Canyonlands

Mountain biking is one of the many popular sports in Utah. There's no better way to explore the White Rim Trail in the Canyonlands than to bike through it. Being 100 miles long, the trail may take a few days to travel across. However, some avid bikers may still be able to cover the whole distance in a single day. For others, being able to enjoy the view is a big deal. As such, they take a few days to bike through the trail, while they discover the wonders of Mother Nature and appreciates the beauty of the scenery.

Hiking is Fun in Utah's Delicate Arch

Utah's Delicate Arch is three-mile-long hiking trail which has come to be recognized as a hiking landmark. Though it is called Delicate Arch, there's hardly anything delicate about it. In terms of size, the arch is quite significant. Structure-wise, the arch appears to be quite sturdy too. This would be a perfect place to go local hiking.

Sailing the Great Salt Lake

The view of sunset on this exceptional lake is enough to make anyone drool. Now, imagine watching the sunset while cruising the Great Salt Lake. Awesome right? The fact that there'll be an array of shorebirds, raptors, and waterfowls along the lake makes it more mesmerizing. The freshness of attracts various birds, even those you've never seen, to take refuge here.

Quick advice— don't stay too long in there, you might never want to leave. Are you already thinking of visiting Utah? Ready yourself to be wowed! If you can, take friends and family along. Places like this are where memories of a lifetime are made.