Parc Régional De La Forêt Ouareau - Parc Régional De La Forêt Ouareau

Parc Régional De La Forêt Ouareau - Hiking

Lanaudière, Quebec, Canada

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120 KM

Dog allowed

What are the activities at Parc Régional De La Forêt Ouareau ?


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Why choose a trail at Parc Régional De La Forêt Ouareau?

Covering just over 150 km², Ouareau Forest Regional Park offers a vast territory for outdoor enthusiasts.

Crossed by a magnificent river, the Ouareau Forest highlights numerous wilderness lakes and a recognized climbing wall managed by the Quebec Mountain and Climbing Federation.

Ouareau Forest Park Activities:

During the summer, mountain biking is available on the cross-country ski trails.

Two canoes are available at the 1st Beaver Lake , Contreforts sector.

Fishing is permitted in the regional parks. However, you must be owner of a valid fishing permit.

And in the winter, you can go skiing and even tubing.

Access price:

It should be noted that the park is open throughout the year.

Therefore, the rates to access it are as follows:

●     Adult: $7.

●     Child: $3.75

●     Family: $16.50

●     Group of + 20 people : $5.00

●     Annual pass for the matawinie parks: $75

Rates for activities :

○    Snowshoe: $7.00

○    Cross country skiing: $14.00

What are the services on site?

Rustic camping
Picnic table

What are the hiking trails at Parc Régional De La Forêt Ouareau ?

Trails Distance Difficulty
Boucle du Belvédère de la Croix 2.5 km Beginner
Petite rivière du Nord (secteur Grande-Jetée) 2.1 km Beginner
Sentier des Murmures (secteur - Pont-Suspendu) - Émérite 5.5 km Beginner
Sentier numéro 4 (Grande-Vallée) 2.4 km Beginner
Boucle du Belvédère de la Croix (secteur du Massif) 2.5 km Intermediate
Boucle du Lac Corbeau 4.6 km Intermediate
Boucle du Lac Corbeau (secteur du Massif) 4.6 km Intermediate
Boucle du Mont Prud'homme 3.4 km Intermediate
Boucle du Mont Prud'homme (secteur du Massif) 3.4 km Intermediate
La Pinède (secteur Grande-Vallée) 13.5 km Intermediate
Le Sommet (secteur Grande-Vallée) 7.8 km Intermediate
Sentier du Refuge de la Loutre 3.3 km Intermediate
Sentier du Refuge La Loutre (secteur du Massif) 3.3 km Intermediate
Sentier numéro 1 (Grande-Vallée) 14 km Intermediate
Sentier numéro 2 (Grande-Vallée) 5.3 km Intermediate
Sentier numéro 5 (Grande-Vallée) La Pinède 1.3 km Intermediate
Sentier numéro 6 (Grande-Vallée) Le Sommet 1.9 km Intermediate
Mt-107 (secteur Grande-Vallée) 16 km Advanced
Sentier A 2.1 km Advanced
Sentier A (secteur du Massif) 2.1 km Advanced
Sentier B 2.3 km Advanced
Sentier B (secteur du Massif) 2.3 km Advanced
Sentier C 1.6 km Advanced

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 7.00 / $ 3.75 (Child)

From sunrise to sunset


What are the coordinates and address of Parc Régional De La Forêt Ouareau?

Regional Park Forest Ouareau
(819) 424-1865
2007 Chemin du Massif, Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, QC J0T 2A0, Canada

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John Shaw

5 out of 5 stars

Great park. Very well maintained trails. Orange line needs to have more signs.

Starting Point

●     Grande-Vallée sector :

From Highway 25, continue on Route 125 north to Chertsey. Take Chemin de l'Église, then Chemin de la Grande-Vallée, and finally Rue des Pâquerettes where the parking lot is located.

●    Secteur du Massif :

From Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, you must  take route 125 south and then turn left on Chemin du Canard-Blanc. The reception is 800 m further on.

Things not to be missed

Ouareau Forest Regional Park is truly a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. With nearly 100 kilometers of trails, you'll find a hike that suits you.

Crossing beautiful rivers and endless mountain peaks, The Ouareau Forest will allow you to discover breathtaking scenery and diverse natural resources. Here are the favorites from each area:

Sentier du Massif: For the seasoned hiker, the Sentier du Massif gives you a succession of views both south and north to the high peaks of St. Donat.

Suspended Bridge Trail: Take a break near the Suspended Bridge, set up tents under the tall pines, and explore the Murmurs Trail along the wildest part of the Ouareau River.

Grand-Jetée Trail: An educational fishing trail that explores brook trout habitat along the Little North River and its rapids. A refreshing break from your summer!

Grand Valley Trail: A 25-kilometer trail system with panoramic views stretching all the way to Montreal.

Foothills Trail: Part of the National Trail, the Foothills Trail overlooks the cliffs of three Beaver Lakes...teeming with beautiful scenery!

Where to stay?

The Ouareau Forest Regional Park offers you different types of accommodation. If you are looking for a longer stay, you should know that the park offers campsites, cabins and more.

Our favorite:

●     Hanging tent facing the Ouareau River :

These are two tents suspended between trees. Located across from the Ouareau River, this tent can accommodate up to 4 adults.

Just bring back your bedding and enjoy the beautiful scenery that is available to you!

Let’s Answer Your Questions - FAQ

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Are dogs allowed?


Is the place are families friendly?


What is the entry fee?

7.00 $

Is there an information center / service center / reception?


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