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With an area of 153.7 km2, the  Monts Valin National Park is one of the most important natural parks inQuebec. It is located in the  Saquenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, on the north bank of the Saguenay River.

The park was created in 1996 to preserve the beauty of the  Valin Mountains and is a popular destination for those who love outdoor living. From a landscape point of view,the Valin Mountains National Park presents  a  unique wilderness,made up of peaks that range from 300m to  900m and  valleys, such as the canyon of the Sainte-Marguerite River.

Here is the reign of hiking,which can be practiced throughout the year, thanks to the many setiersthat allow you tocovereachtimedifferentaspects of theMonts Valin.

The trails are classified from easy to high difficulty and have avaried length, so you can  choose the one that best suits  your requirements!

A recommended trail

A well-known  hiking trail in the Valin Mountains National Park is the Pic-de-la-Hutte. This trail has two different variants,having  a way back and forth:

路         The full version, which is longue about 16km and has a670m drop

路         The abbreviated version, long 3km, avec a70m dereve.

Both variants are accessible from May to October and  culminate  at Pic-de-la-Hutte, one of the  highest  peaks in the park. This one,  with its  900m altitude, offers a magnificent view of the city of Saguenay and the border of Lake Saint Jean.

The longest trail has an easy time and   is recommended for expert hikers,when the abbreviated version is also suitable for families. There are  two different starting points:

路         The Discovery and Services Centre,  which is located near the park's reception

路         The Pic-de-la Hut Parking, 9km  from the Discovery and Services Centre

What are the services on site?

Parking Reception Toilet Belvedere Shelter Refuge Baggage Rental center Picnic table Bridge

What are the best trails at Parc National Des Monts-valin ?

  • Trails
  • Le Mirador
    7.5 km
    70 m
  • Le Point de vue
    5 km
    100 m
  • Le Lac-des-Pères
    3 km
    50 m
  • Pic 360
    7 km
    830 m
  • Le Couloir de l'Est
    5.5 km
  • Le Fantôme - Le Pionnier
    4.5 km
  • Ulysse
    4 km
    420 m
  • La Vallée des Fantômes
    3 km
    275 m
  • Le Fantôme - Le Piedmont
    6.5 km
  • Le Pic-de-la-Tête-de-Chien
    2.5 km
    340 m
  • Le Pic-du-Grand-Corbeau
    2 km
    590 m
  • Le Pic-de-la-Hutte
    2 km
    670 m
  • Sentier des Plateaux
    12 km
    110 m

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 8.50

48.5808 -70.8798

What are the coordinates and address of Parc National Des Monts-valin?

Parc National Des Monts-valin, Québec
418 674-1200
360, rang Saint-Louis Saint-Fulgence (Québec) G0V 1S0

What are the comments and evaluations from the community?

Eileen Wendel
Eileen Wendel
It's a real pleasure to go there.
6 years ago
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson
Another beautifull
6 years ago
Scott Peacock
Scott Peacock
Just beastly =)
7 years ago
William Patten
William Patten
7 years ago

Starting Point


Why visit this place

Hiking isn't the only reason it's worth visiting the park. Here  in fact you can do severalsportsactivities throughout the year.

Especially in winter you can practice cross-country skiing  and Nordicskiing, thanksto more than 71km of trails,which at the same time will allow youto  admire the wonderux  snowy panorama and the rock faces.  The trails are lined with refuges, where you can rest between one descent and the other.

The park's lakes also offer foodfor anyone who enjoys fishing. Also at the Discovery and Services Centre you can buy  fishing access rights  and rent a boat (this is possible for most lakes, otherwise you have to have a personal boat).

You can fish by the day or take advantage of the fishing-camping package,which includes a site at le  Settentrional campsite, a boat and the right of access fora day.

Things not to be missed

Beyondsports activities, the Monts Valin National Park is above all a spectacle of nature. Its main attraction is  the Valley of the Ghosts,whichcan bejoinedwith a tracked shuttle.

Here in winter the snow is all coveredwith its white layer and createdthe surprising d茅cor of mummies and f芒ntomas. Your children will be fascinated by its magic! If you want  to spend  holidays with your family, the park offers a lot of solutions for accommodation.

For example, you canre-serve oneof  the 14 cottages  located inside thepark in thePiedmont or Alexis Bay areas. If you prefer a hotelinChicoutimi, there is the Auberge  Le  Parasol, a nice hotel with rooms with kitchenette. Finally,during a stay inclosecontact with nature, it is still the solution of the campsite,which is, among other things, theideal forschool groups.

And for a deliciousrustic menu,  in Saint Fulgence you'll find La Vieille Ferme,where you can taste local products like smoked salmon.

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