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Hiking Argentina

Let`s plan together your future adventure

A haven for exciting adventures, a land of diverse landscape, a breathtaking country with great food and climate. Argentina is all these and then more. Tempting right? If you have yet to visit this impressive nature lover's hub, then the question no longer is “should you go?" The question is “when and where should you go to Argentina?" Luckily for you, that's the question we're here to answer!

Discover some regions

San Carlos de Bariloche

Have you heard about Bariloche and its lush forests, magnificent mountain range, and blue lakes? If you have, then you probably know that the lakes will make for great kayaking, scuba diving, and rafting experience. The mountains are just what any day hiker, biker or climber needs. Meanwhile, there is a chance to enjoy the views of Bariloche's scenic surrounding, coupled with opportunities to sample the town's famous chocolates. You couldn't ask for more.

Adventure Highlights in Bariloche

• Climb Cerro Llao at 1,025 meters and enjoy its sweeping vistas

• Go kayaking in the tranquil waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi

• Overlook the alluring views of Lake Nahuel Huapi while skiing down the Cerro Cathedral

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the most attractive city in South America. Most visitors are likely to catch a glimpse of this city first, before traveling further into the rest of the country. What most tourists don't realize, though, is that Buenos Aires is full of treasures and it is wiser to linger a little longer and explore the city better. There are a lot of museums and art galleries to appreciate and many old colonial buildings as well.

Adventure Highlight in Buenos Aires

• Visit, Buenos Aires' most colorful neighborhood, La Boca. It is home to the impressive Caminito Street Museum.

• Explore Palermo and Belgrano. Check out their wide boulevards and palatial mansions.

• See the Remains of famous Argentinians at Recoleta Cemetery

Puerto Madryn

Lying on the shores of Golfo Nuevo, the city of Puerto Madryn happen to be among the most sheltered areas in the Patagonian coast. What makes the city so great is its deep-water port and vibrant nature reserves. These outside attractions do a great job of drawing water lovers, especially those that love to cruise.

Adventure Highlights in Puerto Madryn

• Appreciate Patagonian flora and fauna at the Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum

• View diverse wildlife at Valdés Peninsula

• defy the strong Patagonian winds as you windsurf in Puerto Madryn's rugged coastline

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is known for its remarkable beaches. If you love diving into beautiful waters and soaking in the sun afterwards, this city is a must-visit for you. Apart from the beaches which cover over eight kilometers of the land, Mar del Plata also has windswept dunes, dramatic cliffs, and various luxurious resorts. It also features hiking trails for those who love local hiking. There's no way you're getting bored amidst the many attractions that this city offers.

Adventure Highlights in Mar del Plata

• Hang out at one of mar del plaza beaches

• Go local hiking along the regions hiking trails

El Chalten

El Chalten is located in the middle of Los Glaciares National Park along the Chilean border. Known as the trekking capital of Argentina, El Chalten has hundreds of kilometers of trails over and around the mountains, glaciers, as well as rivers in the region.

Adventure Highlights in El Chalten

• Do the Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy trek and see the breathtaking views of mountain lakes like Laguna de Los Tre

• Experience the Glacier Huemul and appreciate the clear blue iceberg-dotted waters of Laguna Huemul.

• Raft the De Las Vueltas River and see where the Cerro Fitz Roy towers above the canyon.

Now is the time to stop imagining this paradise and start looking forward to seeing and experiencing it. The best time to visit is around October to mid-December or around April to mid-June. Measure sure the stuff you pack goes with the season.