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Bolivia Nature Lover's Travel Guide: A Sample Itinerary, Hiking in Bolivia

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Are you interested in having thrilling adventures, viewing breathtaking scenery and experiencing unique culture? Bolivia might be the place for you. Situated right in the heart of South America, Bolivia encompasses two of South America's most popular attractions: the Amazon and the Andes. Bolivia is a diverse country, both in terms of natural attractions and culture. Travelers visit the country to experience all these and more, and you can be one of them too. But first, here are all you need to know about the nation before commencing your travel plans.

Discover some regions

Places to Visit First

Lake Titicaca

Sitting at over 3,800m altitude, Lake Titicaca, South America's largest lake straddles the Peru and Bolivia border. This lake is surrounded by traditional villages and ancient ruins that you'll be very interested in exploring. This place is also the birthplace of the Inca civilization and finding fun here wouldn't be hard at all. Make sure to explore the hiking trails while you’re there.

Copacabana and Isla Del Sol

Copacabana is the number one location when it comes to spectacular sunsets over the glittering waters of South America’s biggest lake. It is on this water that most people take a boat trips to Isla Del Sol. The lake view is so incredible and even more so as you do the hike from Yumani in the south to Ch’allapampa which is in the north.

Salt flats

The salt flats are perhaps the most recognizable landscape in Bolivia. The salt flats are stark-white, salty deserts that stretch over 10,000km2. Being only 3,656m above sea level, the desert is freezing. Of course, the coldness only makes it more appealing. So yeah, Salt flats is a must visit the touristy place.

ToroToro National Park

One of the things that make the ToroToro National Park near Cochabamba so unique is that the park boasts of a large collection fossils, dinosaur footprints and unbelievable ancient landscapes. Visitors are free to walk through the ToroToro Canyon and take a bathe in its hot springs. Plus, tourists can explore its beautiful limestone caves and hike a little too.

Mi Teleferico

Mi Teleferico is the world's highest cable system, and it is right there in La Paz. If you're thinking to avoid traffic between El Alto and La Paz, then the cable is the way. Besides, do you have any idea how spectacular the view is from up there? Probably not. You need to go check it out. It's awesome!

Sajama National Park

Sajama National Park is Bolivia's oldest national park and is unique for its magnificent dreamscape of soaring mountains, bubbling hot springs, and snowcapped volcanoes. Therefore, the park is perfect for anyone who loves adventures and who loves taking pictures. Here, you can bathe in natural hot springs, watch birds, and do many fun other things.

Best Time to Visit Bolivia

Since you're visiting the country to have a fun time outside, it's essential that your timing is right, and that the weather during that period is conducive as well. Ideally, the best time to visit is from May to October. This period is winter in Bolivia and the season comes with sapphire skies and less travel disruption. Though the highlands are usually cold at this time, the jungle benefits from it.

What to Pack for Bolivia

Ultimately, how you pack will be dependent on the time of the year you choose to visit the nation. Nevertheless, it would be best to pack for both hot and cold weather. A good jumper and other clothes that cover you up will help when it's cold and windy. On days when you decide to day hike, they'll come in convenient. Don't forget to pack a travel water bottle, towel and other essentials.

No matter how short your time in Bolivia will be, be sure of an incredible time. Don't forget to socialize and build relationships with Bolivia's warm and caring locals.