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Brazil Key Destinations for Adventure Junkies, Hiking in Brazil

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Brazil, which is the largest country in South America, is among the most spectacular countries anyone can visit. Though the nation is known for its numerous beaches, it is the culture that makes Brazil the vibrant paradise that many believe it to be. When you also consider its beautiful people, soccer and affordable prices, you'll see how much of a gem this place is. Thanks to Brazil and all its diverse natural beauty, many options await the adventure traveler.

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Discover some regions

Walk on the Escadaria Selaron

Designed by Chilean-born artist, Jorge Selaron, Escadaria Selaron is a set of 215 world-famous steps. It took Jorge 23 years to renovate the steps, after which he called it a "tribute to the Brazilian people." Although the project started as a way of repairing the step at the entrance of his home, it soon grew into the beautiful collection of steps that it is today. It's a fascinating attraction, and you'd be glad you saw it.

Cycle The Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoa

One of the most fulfilling ways to really explore Brazil’s most spectacular attractions is through a bicycle. As a matter of that Rio had up to 250km of bike lanes, alongside over 600 city bikes available for rent. If biking is your thing the first place you should visit is the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoa. There is a path, 5km long, surrounding the lagoon. As you bike along this trial, you'll be blessed with astonishing views of the surroundings. You might want to visit this place during the week, though, because the place is usually filled with families on weekends.

Be a Guest at Ariau Towers

Among hotels, the Ariau towers excel brilliantly. Seated deep within the Amazon rainforest, the hotel is among Amazon's oldest and largest boutique hotels. It has only 288 rooms, but everything about it speaks luxury. If you have the resources, you could stay a day or two here. There's a lot more you'll be opportune to do than enjoy the view, like fishing and local hiking.

Sunbathe at Copacabana

What better way is there to enjoy an afternoon in Brazil than to head over to Copacabana to sunbathe? The Copacabana beach is an iconic beach in Brazil and it is the best place to surrender yourself to the sun. It gets even more blissful when you munch on coconut or caipirinha while sunbathing.

Rock Climb the Sugarloaf Mountain

If you're a fan of outdoor urban climbing, then pick out a day and spend it exploring the Sugarloaf Mountain, though this may not be a good idea if you're only starting. For pros, however, or even those with a little experience, the Sugarloaf Mountain will spoil you with choices. Get ready for the climb of a lifetime as you visit mount sugarloaf!

Where to Stay in Brazil

It's important to consider all the essential factors when choosing a place to stay in a rich country like Brazil. Getting a home that's nearest to nature is the best choice, especially if you're in the country to spend time in the outdoors. If you've never heard of Tarzan house, it's a lodge in the Amazon rainforest at Brazil's Ariaú Amazon Towers. This house offers the essentials like beds and bathrooms so you won't be roughing it.

Here, you'll be closer to hiking trails and marine life, and enjoy quality time in the outdoors. The Uacari Lodge is another excellent option. This tree house allows you to hear the sound of the forest from your room. It’s also brings you close to trails for day hikes.

It's not everywhere that you find the things Brazil offers. If you ever get an opportunity to visit the country, grab it with both hands. We hope our ideas help you a lot as you explore the land.