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Explore the Beatific Scenery of Newfoundland, Hiking in Newfoundland

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If you think for a second you've seen it all, then you haven't visited Newfoundland. This might be a place you've never heard of, but trust me once you do, you'd never want to leave. Do you want to travel, but don't know of the perfect destination where you can have multiple outdoor activities? Well, this is the place for you! Occupying most of the eastern part of Canada, this unique province is situated off the north Atlantic coast and is one of the most scenic places in the world.

Unwind the refreshing natural settings of this untamed island all year round, be it summer, winter or spring. With over 20 provincial parks, you'll never go bored as you enjoy the views no matter what your favorite activity is. Young, old, single or in groups, so much fun awaits you in this gateway to majestic scenery that will take your breath away.

Discover the Breathing Ocean

Take a boat tour, sea kayak or coastal train to catch a glimpse of the world's largest population of whales as they feed in the ocean. Ever heard of the water that breaths? Well, the one in Newfoundland does. Aside from being home to a vast population of whales and dolphins every summer, this ocean also harbors thousands of years old icebergs.

These icebergs show up at the east coast of Newfoundland every summer from the glaciers of Greenland. A fascinating view for both the locals and tourists; a proof that it's a scene you'd never get tired of watching.

And guess what? You can have a drink of this glacier water in its natural or spiked form. Yes, spikes like spiked rum, vodka, and even gin! How amazing would that be!

The Suspended Bridge Enroute to an Abandoned Village

Home to multiple provincial parks and three national parks, in Newfoundland you can get the vacation of your dreams. Overlooking the ocean, mountains and deep wilderness with hundreds of campsites, this is the perfect place for local hiking. Walk across a suspended bridge to an abandoned settlement in La Manche Provincial Park while viewing migratory birds and deep forests. Take a stroll at the beach or have a look at rare geology and incredible beauty at the UNESCO world heritage site, where you can get close enough to feel the splash of one of North America's high waterfalls.

Magical Sunset and Sunrise, just like in the Fairy Tales!

Low population density does come with a lot of advantages. A Clear sky not polluted with human activities of electricity is just one of them what's better than spending the night than to go stargazing and have a beautiful view of the Milky Way or taking pictures of magical sunsets and sunrise at the Terra Nova National Park and Dark sky preserve. Just like in the fairy tales, these views are breathing, and words can't describe how beautiful they are.

Watch the mystical Northern Lights, polar bears, and caribou at torngat mountains; one of the last untamed and unexplored places in the world.

Mouthwatering Cuisine and Friendly Welcome

It's no new fact that the Canadians are a friendly and lovely bunch of people, well that reputation is taken to a whole new height in Newfoundland. These people are so warm and welcoming and have a contagious sense of humor. This feature is another major attraction that draws people to visit the province more often in addition to the fact that the Vikings made it there! Yes, you can find fascinating traces of ports and agriculture they left behind over 1000 years ago.

If you are in love with food then, you will love the traditional Canadian feast known as Jiggs dinner. People come together to make a delicious meal made of beef, potatoes, cabbage and a lot of gravy! We are pretty sure you are already drooling. Seafood is also among the favorite of the locals.

So next time you want to go on a vacation and don't have any place in mind, visit Newfoundland and you'll surely have a lot of fun!