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How to spend a Memorable Vacation Time in Chile, Hiking in Chile

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How to spend a Memorable Vacation Time in Chile

You won't find a better outdoor person's playground than Chile. It might not be the number one place tourists flock to, but the country sure has all it takes to give any adventurer a memorable time. Even If you don't find the other bustling cities alluring enough, be sure that Santiago will sweep you off your feet. Just wait till you experience its cultural scene, amazing art and beautiful hiking trails.

In case you're wondering, here are some tips on how to spend the best time of your life in Chile.

Discover some regions

Get Closer to Penguins at Isla Magdalena

The Los Pingüinos Natural Monument is the largest penguin colony in Chile and offers an experience unlike any other to tourists who dim it fit to visit it. This monument is located on the little Magdalena Island, which can only be accessed by guided boat tours. Visit the island from November to march to see the birds. By this time, they would have traveled back to the island and found their mate.

Appreciate Fascinating Street Art in Valparaíso

Undoubtedly, Valaparaíso is famous for being a town of art and a home to the Noble Laureate Pablo Neruda. So don't be exclaimed when you enter the city and find street art everywhere. You should take your time and appreciate as many of them as you can. Even if you're not a fan of art, you can still hang around and enjoy the Chilean cultural background instead. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

Stargaze in the Atacama Desert.

In northern Chile, Atacama Desert offers some of the best areas on the planet for stargazing. The desert features many natural, including salt lakes, snowcapped mountains, hot springs, and multi-colored rock formations. However, one of the things that draw people to the desert is its star-studded night sky. Visit Atacama Desert and get ready to see the most majestic night sky!

Take a Trip to Cajon Del Maipo

Cajon Del Maipo is located on the western edge of the Andes and is a hiker's paradise. This canyon offers stunning landscape and fantastic mountain scenery with a trail all around. There are several events that you can engage in in the region. Examples are local hiking, horse riding, skiing, and wine tasting. The canyon is close to Santiago so you can easily travel here if you have your transport.

Sunbathe at Anakena Beach

Anakena beach is a beach like no other. The beach is characterized by white coral sand, crystal-clear, turquoise water, and swaying palm trees. This paradise is only a stone's throw from two ancient archeological sites–Ahu Ature Huki and Ahu Nau Nau. Both of this archeological sites are unique. Anakena Beach is a great place to swim and sunbathe. You'll love it there.

Stand in the Rano Kau Volcano

Though no longer active, the Rano Kau volcano can be found in the World Heritage Site of the Rapa Nui National Park. This inactive volcano is a true beauty to behold. It offers an all-round view of the Easter Island and the Pacific Ocean. Also, the volcano is home to the biggest volcanic crater and one of the three natural fresh water bodies on the island. Easter Island was created by the eruption of Rano Kua, alongside two other volcanos, around 2.5 million years ago.

Today, visitors can stand on the extinct crater and appreciate the small islands in it. This remarkable volcano is an attraction that you shouldn't miss when you get to Chile.

No matter how you look at it, Chile is a gem when it comes to exciting outside activities, culture, and cuisine. And these make the nation a must-visit. So, which of the attractions do you intend to discover first when you get to the land? We hope this article helps you tremendously as you explore Chile.