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Truly Exciting Activities to Do in Cuba Hiking in Cuba

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The glorious island nation of Cuba is the largest island in the whole Caribbean Sea. This island is another world on its own and is linked to several fun activities. Cuba is quite different from all the polished paradisiacal vacationing areas that surround it. The nation still showcases a lot of traditional elements through its museums.

Besides, Cuba's hills still have ancient footprints, and its sugar plantations still tell tales of the colonial boom. There are a lot more things to see and do in Cuba than what most people know of.

Explore Cuba's Caves

Beautiful mountains characterize Cuba's interior. Because these mountains and hills are so close to the ocean, you'll find that Cuba also has some spectacular caves. However, many of the cave systems are extensive so you shouldn't wander into them on your own. You'll find the best caves in the area around the town of Viñales.

An interesting fact about these caves is that they are suitable for meeting the needs of people with diverse taste. So, whether you'll like to walk through the cave or swim in the underground pool, Cuba caves will grant you your wish. One of

Cuba's caves even doubles as a salsa club.

Take a Drive in pan Ancient Piece of History

One undeniable symbol of Cuba is classic '50s cars. Cruising around town in one of these open top old beauties is one of the best things you can do in Cuba. This will not only allow you to learn about Cuba surroundings, but it'll also give you a sense of belonging since it’s one of the Cuban tradition to travel around town in the old relics. As you journey, don't forget to take in the dilapidated but beautiful colonial buildings.

You can either decide to hire a driver to drive you or lease a car or do the driving yourself; it's your choice.

Explore at Museum of the Revolution

Cuba is unique for being home to many revolution remnants. Your visit to Cuba isn't complete without taking a look at the fascinating history of revolution in the nation. You'll discover a collection of rare, fascinating first-hand artifacts that have been collected from the political turbulence of the 50s. These artifacts include the guns used by Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara and the boat that transported Castro to Cuban shores during the 1956 Granma expedition.

Even outside the Museum, Che Guevara's face is everywhere– painted on the walls and drawn on people’s shirts. Wherever you go in Cuba, you're likely to find a piece of history. Even the nation's hiking trails have their own story to tell, and it'll be entirely enlightening to day hike these trails.

Dance in the street

Cuba is always lively with music from different angles, so it's not surprising that its people love to dance. Dancing on the street is quite a normal thing to do in this sensational island. You'll enjoy the experience of moving your body to an Afro-Cuban rumba alongside the locals; it's one of the exciting attractions of the land. Even if you don't know how to do the Cuban moves, you'll find someone ready to show you how to do it right. The best part is you can always take pictures for later.

Snorkel Like Never Before!

It doesn't matter if you're not a fan of snorkeling, once you're in Cuba, it's one of those exciting sport that you shouldn't miss. Sections of the coastline are safeguarded with Corel reefs which make the water calm and safe. Plus, all the equipment you'll be needing can be gotten from different stores around the area. Usually, there aren't that many boats on the water, so it's often peaceful. You can use that opportunity to enjoy the view of Cuba's beautiful calm water and its surroundings.

The minute you set foot on this incredible paradise, you'll be pleasantly surprised. No amount of explanation will do justice to how awesome Cuba is. Why not visit the country and see for yourself.