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Explore small ancient Guatemala in its glory, Hiking in Guatemala

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Although Guatemala is not the first choice for travelers and tourist, it is an excellent travel destination as it is full of hidden gems that would charm different travelers. This town also has a diverse climate and landscape that varies from volcanoes to rainforest. Guatemala is similarly known for its abundant museums, rich cultural heritage, Mayan sites, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is the ideal destination for outdoor lovers, culture enthusiasts, shopaholics, adventure fanatics and people looking for an ideal getaway.

Discover some regions

Places to visit in Guatemala

This town has a vast number of sites that you can visit all year round and not get tired. Because of this, we took the painstaking task and compiled a few places (not because they aren’t others) that are not to be missed on your trip to Guatemala.

Hike at the Volcan de Agua (Agua Volcano or volcano of water)

The volcano is one of the highest in Central America (the 7th Largest) is home to different local hiking trails. These trails are steep and slippery, consisting of small rocks and dirt, which makes it more suitable for professional hikers; however, the amateur hiker can also hike but very cautiously. Because this volcano is extinct, you can climb to the top and experience the view from up there. At the foot of the mountain is a small chapel that is used for processions during the summit of Agua.

Scuba dive at Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is an ancient Mayan ruin and has been described as the most beautiful lake by many people, visiting this magnificent lake will not disappoint. The lake is clear turquoise water surrounded by volcanoes and green-clad mountains. Tourists are known to scuba dive at the lake while others prefer to lounge and enjoy the view. It is also great to take day hikes to the top of the Atitlan Volcano.

The lake is shared by waterside towns which increases its appeal and activities. Each city has a peculiar characteristic – San Pedro is known for its backpacking and party scenes, San Marcos for its hippy-ness, Santa Cruz for its Mayan culture and many more.

Explore the Caves at Semuc Champey

Most people miss the opportunity of this spectacular site because of its distance (8-10 hour bus ride) and the unwelcome condition of the roads. However, Semuc Champey is a must visit because of its splendor. At sunset, it is idle to explore the caves. The park has a natural limestone bridge that makes it easy to walk around and admire the scenery, swimming holes and the turquoise pools that lead to small waterfalls.

Go tubing through the Jungle

If you'll be in lanquin to cave at the Semuc Champey, why not make the most of the opportunity and tube through the jungle? The exercise promises to be unique and extraordinary. As you journey through the river, you'll be blessed with the mesmerizing view of the scenery alongside wild birds and parrots. The lanquin river is very calm and your trip on it will likely last only for 3 hours. Nevertheless, be ready to have a great time!

Stay in an Eco lodge on the Rio Dulce

The Rio Dulce area is the perfect place that any lover of the outdoors can stay in. Apart from the fact that the lodge is very eco-friendly, it also has a gorgeous surrounding. In the surrounding area, you can travel by boat through canyons, you can explore hot spring waterfalls, and you can even sleep in the same forests as howler monkeys. All these and more are what make a trip to Rio Dulce special. Stay at one of the wonderful eco-lodges situated right on the river, and you'll be glad you did.

Guatemala has a lot to offer when it comes to travel destinations; no wonder it is becoming accessible to tourist. It has something for everyone from its volcanoes to the Mayan ruins and Museums to spectacular falls and lakes. Do visit and tell your own story.