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The Ultimate List of Fun Adventures in Nicaragua, Hiking in Nicaragua

Let`s plan together your future adventure

Nicaragua, the land of avid backpackers and dauntless travelers, is a paradise that many have yet to explore. Nicaragua has proven to be a hot vacation spot for families, backpackers, and retirees. The region has many appeal–impressive reserves, beautiful islands, mountains, volcanoes, hiking trails and many more. As such, tourists are beginning to veer towards the land. Even so, there's still lots of room for you to backpack, get in touch with nature, do some local hiking, socialize with locals and relax in one of the country's islands.

But first, you should start your tour of the land by engaging in these memorable activities.

Discover some regions

Board down Central America's Youngest Volcano

Among everything you can do in Nicaragua, volcano boarding is perhaps the most exciting and unique of them all. Cerro Negro is only 150 years old and thus the youngest volcano in the whole of Central America. Nevertheless, the volcano is very active, and people have fun volcano boarding down it. You'll find many people in the country wearing a volcano boarding t-shirt, and this shows how popular the sport is. However, this sport is quite dangerous. So if you're not a total adventure lovers, you may not want to try it.

Cliff Jump and Swim through Nicaragua's Own Grand Canyon

This is another activity for adventure lovers. Discovered in 2004, the Somoto Canyon had been a well-kept secret until recently when tourist caught wind of its existence. Ever since visitors have been flocking there to be rewarded with the sight of limestone cliffs surrounding beautiful turquoise blue water. You'll find it exciting to jump off the 33 feet high cliffs and swim through the tranquil water. Somoto Canyon is a worthy attraction, and you really should visit it.

Do Your Yoga on a Stand-up Paddleboard

The little town of San than Del Sur is famous even among visitors for its beach life, a fantastic culture and peaceful and lifestyle. This town boasts of different yoga spots. However, the unique spot is right there in the middle of the water. If you're interested, you might want to check before heading over as the yoga classes are seasonal.

Hike in the Miraflor Nature Reserve

The northern part of Nicaragua is full of untouched and pristine areas. As such, visitors can easily get off the beaten path and enjoy a nice hiking experience in Miraflor Nature Reserve. If you like, you can make arrangements for a 3- to 4-day long homestays with local families who live inside the nature reserve. Better still, you could explore the reserve for only a single day. Whichever one you choose, the reserve will not disappoint you, especially if you love spending time outside with Mother Nature.

Surf the Romanzo beach near San Juan del Sur

Take one of the shuttle buses leaving San Juan del Sur to playa El Remanzo and get off on a small beautiful beach. The Romanzo beach is great for surfing and you don't even need to rent a surfboard beforehand. You can always sought that out at the beach. It'll cost only around $10 to rent a surfboard for the whole day. This beach is perfect if you're a beginner at surfing. You'll discover that the waves are usually slow. If you would love something more challenging you can check out Maderas or Hermosa beaches. They are around 30 to 45 minute drive away.

Go Zip Lining

Nicaragua has quite a few locations for zip lining. Some of them include Da Flying Frog Canopy Tour by San Juan del Sur and Mombacho volcano zip lining in Ometepe Island. On the Mombacho volcano zip lining, people get to zip line between to volcanoes. The great thing about Nicaragua's zip lines, though, is that all its views are superb. You should try it.

Nicaragua is indeed full of awesome outside activities. While many of these outdoor activities have not been mentioned here, you can start with the once here. Enjoy yourself!