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7 Most Memorable Activities to Do Panama, Hiking Panama

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Panama is rich in many things– history, culture, art, tradition, flora, fauna, and other natural beauties. Panama City, the country's largest city, wields a lot of urban splendor. It is filled with attractive places where people can have as much fun as they want. Panama is home to a vibrant cacophony of people, renowned waterways, golden beaches, lush forests, and mountains. If outdoor adventure is what you're looking for, Panama is where you should go. You will be surprised at how much outside activities it offers.

Keep reading to know the many adventurous activities that await you in the country.

Walk on the Bridge of the Americas

Originally called the Thatcher Ferry Bridge, the Puente de las Americas is located in Panama City and is over 1,654 meters long. The bridge extends from the Pacific Ocean entrance to the Panama Canal. Before 2004, this bridge was among the only non-swinging bridges that connect Northern and Southern America, and it played a significant role in the world trade. You should visit this attraction, walk on it, and enjoy the view of its surroundings.

Hike the Ancon Hill

There's no better place to day hike than in the Ancon Hill reserve which is a 654-foot-high foothill. Though it used to be an administration site for the Panama Canal, this underdeveloped hill is the highest in Panama City. Apart for being great for hiking, the hill also offers panoramic views of the hub underneath it. It takes only 39 minutes to reach the hill’s summit. However, you can decide to further explore the jungle and spot wildlife. The best time to do the hike is during the morning hours. During this time, there won't be that much sun outside.

Explore and Relax in Parque Natural Metropolitano

The Parque Natural Metropolitano has been drawing both visitors and tourists since 1988. This wildlife refuge is the only one in Panama City, and it features different animals including birds. There are many other attractions within the park like Los Trinos lookout point and the Caobos Trail. The coabos trail is a great place for any outdoorsy visitors to go on a hike. Visitors can also enjoy the view of various flora and fauna as they explore the park. From the ceder hill which is also located in the park, visitors can see various other attractions like the Bridge of the Americas, the Panama Canal, and Naos Island plus the stunning view of Panama City.

Get Closer to Nature at Bocas Del Toro

It is places like Bocas Del Toro archipelago that make Panama such a unique country. Located off the Caribbean coast, and comprising a chain of beautiful islands, Bocas Del Toro is full of unique natural beauties. Its lush tropical vegetation and stunning white sand beaches combine to make the region a bio diverse fantasy world. Here, you can engage in various activities like surfing, snorkeling, forest trekking, bird watching and many more.

Experience Volcán Barú

Located just 21 miles from the Costa Rican border, the Volcán Barú is an active volcano in Panama and it is over 11,000 feet tall. It also doubles as the tallest mountain in panama. If you're a fan of trekking you can reach the top by foot or take a guided Jeep tour up a long, bumpy loop to the summit. The trip to the summit of the mountain takes between 7 to 8 hours but this is dependent on how fast the hiker is. When you reach the top, you'll be rewarded by the view of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Visit the Punta Culebra Nature Center

The punts culebra nature center supplies opportunities to learn about flora and fauna, hike along trails and catch glimpses of jungle denizens like, armadillos, birds and iguanas. You'll also get to see the wonderful frongs of Panama. Punta Culebra is surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Pacific and houses some fascinating remains of seaside quarantine dwellings which used to house canal.