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Alabama always offers a warm southern welcome to its visitors. The state is such a delight to behold. With so many outdoor attractions, the state easily falls among the best places to visit for a fun vacation or memorable weekend getaway. Outdoor enthusiasts get to choose from a vast amount of natural beauties to spend their time in, and they love every minute of it.

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Bird-Watch at Dauphin Island

Located off the coast of mobile, just across the water from Alabama port, Dauphin Island is surrounded by beautiful azure waters. This fantastic retreat destination features white sand beaches as well as hiking trails. You can enjoy the picturesque view of the water all day. The island also makes a perfect spot to view birds of different species. This is because the dauphin island is the first dry land that birds see as they travel north.

The main bird sanctuary on in the area is Audubon bird sanctuary, and this sanctuary boasts of spectacular sunsets. It is best to explore the island on two wheels.

Enjoy Different Water Sport at Orange Beach

Situated along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, Orange beach is a famous vacation destination. With its 32 miles of soft white sand beaches, this resort city is excellent for chilling out on beaches and playing various outside games like tennis and basketball. There are a lot of water activities that can be done in this place as well. Visitors also get the opportunity to spot whales and seabirds. If you love golfing, you are glad to learn that orange beach is home to a golf center.

You can access the four orange beach island via watercraft. Makes sure to explore each one of them and have all the fun that you can.

Visit Alabama's Highest Peak at Cheaha State Park

Cheaha state park is nestled right in the center of Alabama's Talladega national forest and is a famous destination to adventurers. The park is home to many popular trails like the Pinhoti trail, Chinnabee silent trail and Odum scout trail. Apart from local hiking, visitors can swim, climb, mountain bike, and fish in the Cheaha state park. The park is home to Cheaha Mountain, the highest peak in Alabama. This mountain is one of the parks best features.

Explore Alabama's Gulf Shores

Gulf shores offer a variety of water sport ranging from fishing to kayaking and jet-skiing. Though many people visit this region for its beaches, visitors can also enjoy rounds of gold at high-end courses. Visitors can also take a relaxing cruise on the gulf, scuba dive or surf. Besides, the area is full of biking and hiking trails. Some trails even lead to historical edifices.

Rock-climb at Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is located in the northeastern section of Alabama. This remarkable mountain top retreat destination makes a perfect place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. This place has got everything from ski resorts to scenic landscapes, galleries, and craft shops. You get the opportunity to day hike, kayak, and camp and climb rocks in the area. You will love taking a scenic drive along the 93-mile lookout mountain parkway. It'll be fun!

Explore the Little River Canyon National Preserve

One of the many unique places in Alabama is the little river canyon national preserve. This canyon is the deepest in the east of the Mississippi River. The little river is the longest river in the U.S running atop a mountain, and it begins from northwest Georgia. The river is alluring because of its wildness and beauty. Meanwhile, the national preserve is home to many different species of plants and animals. You should check them out.

Now you have enough reason to visit the beautiful paradise of Alabama. You'll find yourself loving the state without even trying. Get ready to find your slice of paradise somewhere in the land as you explore. But no outdoor adventure in Alabama is complete without a visit to all the places mentioned here. So, start planning and happy experience!