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Hiking Alaska

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Best Places in Alaska for Nature Lovers

Alaska is a land of many adventures. With numerous national parks, breathtaking landscapes and plentiful wild bears, Alaska is easily one of the most beautiful states in the US. Talking of the ultimate wilderness frontier and home to the best remote places to visit on earth, Alaska is the one. No matter what you're doing– paddling, fishing, hiking or cruising– there are always opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of this paradise. The place is also home to many museums and other exciting sites. So, grab a book.

River Rafting on Cooper Landing

If it is your lifelong dream to raft, kayak or fish on a phenomenal river, your prayers have been answered. Cooper Landing is just the place you've been looking for. The beginning of the Kenai River is surrounded by lush forests and snow-capped peaks. The Kenai Lake offers tourists the opportunity to hike, fish, kayak and do other adventurous sports on the water. You'll enjoy the lake to its fullest.

Get Lost in the Denali National Park.

The Denali National Park brings tourists and visitors closer to outdoor fun adventures in so many ways. With such attractions as the tallest peak in North America, this park takes hunting, hiking, and backpacking to the next level. There are many ways to enjoy the views in this area. If you don't fancy cycling through the roads in the park, you could go mountaineering, or simply hike the trails. You will love every single minute of it.

Paddle in Ketchikan

Ketchikan is nothing if not a paddler's dream. In fact, it is a paradise to fishers as well. The haven is equipped with several waterfalls and alpine lakes. Ketchikan is only a few miles away from Misty Fjords National Monument and is the port of call for most incoming cruise lines. Exploring the waterways in this area can keep you busy for a long time, and you 'all never get bored.

Disappear into the Chigmit Mountains

The park is only accessible by flight from Anchorage. As such, only a few people visit it. However, if you make an effort, you'll be rewarded with the impressive views of majestic mountains, turquoise blue lakes, and nature at its best. You get the best out of this visit by backpacking the Twin Lakes and rugged Turquoise High Route. You'll be experiencing the purest and best Alaskan backpacking expedition. You'll be enveloped with many wonders of nature, from waterfalls to wildlife to infinite tundra.

Hike the Goat Trail

Looking for a classic Alaskan hiking trail to bring your day hike dreams to pass? You should visit the Goat Trail. Actually, this path is more of a historic route than it is a trail. However, this does not dwindle the fun in any way. This 10-mile trail begins from the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains to the gold-mining town of Chisana.

Then, there will be an air taxi drop-off at Skolai Lake high after which one can begin the five-mile climb to Chitistone Pass. Then, the journey down a world of rock and ice begins, past Chitistone Falls and Chitistone Gorge to Glacier Creek. Make sure to bring a camera along, you'll love the scenery.

Experience the Natural Wonders of Katmai National Park

The Katmai National Park is located in Southwest Alaska, and this park houses a lot of natural wonders. From the unique landscapes to the grizzly bear that flock the brook river to the still steaming volcanoes. You can take day trips to the spectacular valley of smokes or plan to go local hiking in the area.

After seeing all the places recommended here and doing all the exciting outdoor stuff, you won't want to leave. Enjoy your vacation!