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8 Ways to Explore Colorado in Summer, Hiking in Colorado

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Both visitors and locals consider Colorado to be quite an impressive city. Many will attribute this to the city's beauty and all the outdoor activities that it offers to nature lovers. The place is especially exciting to be in in the summertime when the weather is usually mild, and the killer view just keeps awing you. If you are a genuine lover of the outdoors, there is no doubt that you'll adore this beautiful city.

Keep reading to learn about the several natural beauties and outside activities that the city has to offer. It'll help you start planning your own adventure in paradise.

Why Visit Colorado?

There are many attractive places to visit in the United States. However, Colorado easily tops the list. The scenery in Colorado is beautiful, the people are great, and there are a lot of fun activities to do there. As a result, people do not only want to visit, they even want to live there. Colorado has won awards for being both the best concert venue and the fittest state. Colorado is home to many magical mountains, and the place is lively with activities all year long.

This state is where you should go to enjoy the view of mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. Just in case you're worried about your pet, Colorado is pet-friendly. The hiking trail here also gives room for canine companions so your dog will definitely love living here. Colorado also has beautiful cities that are also always bubbling with life. These are more than enough reasons to make Colorado your next vacation destination. Get ready to discover many wonders.

Hiking among Wildflowers

Colorado has several miles of hiking trails for day hikes, and these trails are easily accessible. But that's not all. Each trail offers its own unique day hike experience. Some tracks will lead you through wildflower-strewn meadows, some across cliffs and canyons, and others through swaying grasslands and spectacular waterfalls. Visit Yankee Boy Basin hiking haven near Ouray for that fantastic view of wildflowers. Waterfalls are along Fish Creek Falls near Steamboat Springs.

Camping and Backpacking in National Forests

It's difficult to unplug totally from digital life when camping. However, Colorado will motivate you to do so. Camping amidst Colorado forests is an excellent opportunity to experience its wilderness area and view the stars at night. You'll find numerous campsites in 41 state parks, the national forests, and grasslands and in many other private campgrounds in the region. Just know that in Colorado, it won't be hard to find a tranquil spot to get acquainted with, and appreciate the simplicity of nature

Mountain Biking at Crested Butte

There is a healthy biking culture in Colorado. Mountain biking is practically a way of life in the city. Crested Butte is home to many mountain biking trails. In fact, the region witnesses high-altitude road biking races every year. Apart from the abundance of bike trails, there are also a lot of flat trails for local hiking. One unique feature that Colorado possesses when it comes to its biking culture is that many ski areas turn into mountain-bike courses for people with different skill levels. Mountain biking trails in Colorado include eagle's Loop on Vail Mountain and Silver Pick Trail at Purgatory Resort.

Boating and Kayaking on Colorado's fabulous waters

As landlocked as Colorado is, there is still a vast expanse of boat worthy sea. Many boaters find the experience of traveling through deep, blue-water oases and mountain basins on the wide-open plains to be exciting. Again, the Colorado waters also offer a fun time to kayak lovers. People keep flocking to the rivers with a kayak strapped to their cars for a fabulous kayaking experience. There are lots of outfitters to guide you as you kayak.

Golfing on Mountain Courses

Golfing in Colorado is exceptional. Here, the altitude is high, and the air is dry and thin. As such, everyone's ball flies straighter and farther when it is hit. This characteristic is one of the things that draw golfers to the area. Plus, one can play golf here all year round. There are even mountain courses, and in some locations, you can go all the way from the ski slopes to the green in only one day. These are only a few of the reasons people love Colorado for golfing. You'll also be excited to learn that many companies offer golf tours here too. This will allow you to sample different layouts.

Explore the Endless Trails of Horseback Riding

With its dramatic scenic backdrops and its endless trails for horseback riding, Colorado proves to be just the right destination to ride horses to one's satisfaction. Every region presents unique landscapes for horseback riding, and with the help of a guide, you can explore every one of them. They'll point out interesting spots and show you some wildlife. You'll surely enjoy the ride.

Caving Popular Natural Caves

Caving is by far one of the best ways to explore Colorado, especially in summer. What could be better than heading underground to some of the most popular natural caves in the country? Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs gives access to more than two miles of limestone passageways. You could even explore the cave holding a lit lantern.

What are you waiting for? Start getting ready for your fun trip to the spectacular paradise of Colorado.