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Discover Hiking in Florida

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The state of Florida is famous for beaches like the Miami Beach, South Beach and its unique theme parks including the Walt Disney World but what is not known to many is Florida has an abundance of trails and terrific terrains that is suitable for hikers and bikers. It also is home to some extraordinary wildlife like the Florida Panther that is on the verge of extinction. The weather here is another thing that is entirely different and appealing to outdoor lovers and explorers.

Places to visit in Florida

With the variety of beaches, theme parks, national parks in Florida, they are a lot of places to add to your bucket list and most visit sites, unfortunately there just is so much you can do in one visit. As a result, we gathered the list of places that are sure to make your stay here worthwhile.

Visit the Ancient Highland Hammock State Park

This ancient park is one of the oldest in the state; it was created during the great depression right before World War II. The park is famous for having a diverse number of plants like ferns and oak trees and animals, the Florida Panther, alligator and Black Bear, to name a few. There are a total of nine local hiking trails that can give you a better view of the wildlife and plants. You can also bike on the bike loop, go a horseback ride or just sit down at the tram and enjoy the view. Camping at the campground is another way to experience the Highland Hammock State Park.

Hike at the Little Talbot Island State Park

Contrary to its name, the Little Talbot Island State Park has superb trails that are good for wildlife viewing. You stand a better chance of seeing these animals while hiking the trails or on mountain biking expeditions. This park is one of the few parks in Florida that have not been developed, but it offers a great deal of adventure. You can bask on the beach and enjoy the sun, go surfing, fishing or bird-watching. Or you can decide to camp or picnic like the good old days.

See the Sights at the Everglades National Park

The park on first look looks like a big swamp to the aloof eye, but in actuality, it is a blend of diverse biotas that encompasses swamps, freshwater sloughs, mangrove and pineland. The Everglades Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an International Biosphere Reserve and home to some endangered species of animals like the American Crocodile, Manatee and the Florida Panther. At the Everglades National park, there is an activity for everyone as long as you are interested. The diversity in the landscape allows for hiking, biking, fishing in both salt and fresh waters, canoeing, camping and much more.

For the hiking, you can go on day hikes, but to fully explore and discover the park, you can go on a multi-day hike and catch all the fun and learn all that they are in the Everglades.

Lose yourself at Walt Disney World

If you are visiting Florida with your kids, or you just want to let loose for a while and remember how it feels like to be a child again, then Walt Disney World is the place for you. Boasting of several theme parks, a sports complex, resort Hotels and entertainment districts; it is easy to just ‘wing it’ and have an experience of a lifetime. As Walt Disney would say “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever”, discover the park through any of its theme parks, water parks, the boardwalk or even the golf course.

Florida is an outdoor lover’s paradise, but it could also be one of his most significant challenges as having to choose from the numerous attractions can be a herculean and challenging task. Whatever it is that you wish to accomplish on your next trip, Florida should be a place that you consider if not for anything, then for its great weather and food.