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Memorable islands to Experience Nature in Hawaii, Hiking in Hawaii

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You've probably heard of Hawaii and how it is beautiful, unique and great for adventure lovers. However, there are several Hawaii islands, and all of them have all the qualities mentioned above. The question now is, which of the Hawaii islands should you visit?

The best way to choose is to determine which island will encourage you to pursue the outdoor activities you love the most. Here, we have created a list of the islands and the activities they offer. This will help you choose the best island for you to travel to. Keep reading.

Golf and Ride Horses at the Island of Hawaii (The Big Island)

Though each of the islands has many golf courses, the island of Hawaii beats the rest in this aspect. Apart from the fact that the island has more than twelve golf courses, it is also home to the number one golf course in Hawaii. Likewise, the island also has an influential cowboy culture. This is perhaps what makes horseback riding enthusiasts keep choosing the island. Paniolo Stables, Naalapa Stables, and Dahala Ranch are great spots for horseback riding in the island of Hawaii if you decide to visit. They have fantastic horses, and the trails are good too.

Hike at Kauai Island

Among the most breathtaking trails in the US is the Kalalau Trail which is along the Natalie coastline in Kauai. Therefore, in addition to hiking here, you get to enjoy the views of staggeringly green, ridged cliffs. This hiking trail offers what only a few others can. The view is superb, and you can also paddle in a kayak to take a look at it.

The island of Hawaii also offers excellent day hike experience to visitors. Being the largest of the islands, it has so many trails that one cannot cover in one visit. Another island offers trails for local hiking, but Kauai remains the best in this regard.

Kite surfing and Scuba Diving at Maui Island

There is a various spot on Maui island where you can go kite surfing. This is because the wind at Maui's northern shore is active and therefore excellent for the sport. One of the kite surfing spots in Maui is the aptly named kite beach. This is located at the Kansas beach park's western end.

Maui Island is also famous for its many scuba diving opportunities. The best dive site in the Hawaii archipelago is Molokini Carter, and this place can be accessed by boat from Maui. However, the current here is quite high so divers that are not so experienced may not be able to dive here.

Mountain Bike at Oahu

When it comes to mountain bike trails, Oahu stands out. The island boasts of the most developed biking trails among all the islands. You will discover that the Pupukea-Paumalu Forest Reserve which is on the north shore of the island has everything including easy paths for riders who are just starting out and more technical tracks for bikers who are more experienced. All over Oahu, you'll find several other mountain bike trails. This place is obviously the right choice if you like to bike.

Stargaze at the Island of Hawaii

Without a doubt, the island of Hawaii offers the best blanket of stars for a mesmerizing stargazing experience. The island has altitude, dry air, and distance from ambient light. Meanwhile, all these are the ingredients for stargazing. For some of the most essential observatories on earth, you can go to the 13,803-foot-high Mauna Kea Mountain. However, you must get a summit weather report first from the visitor center, or even decide to stargaze at the visitor center.

There's no room to be bored in Hawaii. The land is very versatile, and its people are amazing too. This is a place you should consider going if you're looking to make unforgettable memories in an outside space. Enjoy your vacation!