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5 Places to Explore the Great outdoors in Idaho

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In terms of outdoor activities, Idaho is a state that has not been exploited. Many who have never been there do not think much of it. However, those who have been there before know that the state is a true paradise. Idaho is a land of high mountain peaks, wildernesses, expansive west forests, and rushing whitewater. If you're an outdoor lover but haven't added Idaho to your list of places to explore, this list of exceptional towns in the state will change your mind.

Explore the Riverine Riches of Twin Falls

If you follow the Snake River as it journeys into twin falls, you will be met by a mesmerizing expanse of riverine riches. The beautiful town of Twin Falls got its name from a spectacular waterfall, also known as twin falls. This fall rises 125 feet above the canyon. Only 5 miles east of the city of Twin Fall, you'll find the 212 feet Shoshone Falls. Other water attractions in the town are the pillar falls and the Perrine Bridge.

Perrine Bridge is quite remarkable. The world record for base jumping has been set on there. But twin falls has more to offer nature enthusiasts. Historic river landmarks and bikeable trails are just a few of them. Plus, this town is only about an hour and 30 minutes’ drive to the spectacular city of rocks. Isn't that just perfect!

Visit Stanley, the Heart of Sawtooth Mountains

Your travel to Idaho is not complete if you have not taken a trip to the beautiful town of Stanley. Stanley is the ideal place for many outdoor sports. This area is home to Sawtooth mountains; thus, it is the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities like backpacking and mountain climbing during summer, as well as skiing and snowboarding during winter. Stanley's Saddleback lake and elephants perch lake are both great for fishing.

Meanwhile, you can take part in many whitewater sports in the middle fork of the Salmon River. It's amazing that only about 70 people call this town home. This implies that Stanley is a real mountain town in every sense of the word.

Experience the Outside Beauty of St. Charles

St. Charles is unique for its many paddling, camping, diving, and fishing opportunities. In this town, the bear lake state park stretches 20 miles into Rocky Mountains wilderness and offers many relaxing outdoor sports both in and outside the water. The Minnetonka cave is only 11 miles west of St. Charles and offers not less than nine caverns for exploration.

Get ready; Sun Valley will blow you away!

Sun Valley is home to the very first ski resort in all of the United States. It also houses several backpacking and single track trails. The high ridge hiking trail, the pioneer yurt, and the bear gulch are a few of these trails. This town was first made famous by Bruce Willis and Ernest Hemingway who had their mansions situated in a beautiful city. If you'd like to enjoy the views of Idaho's arid high plateaus, you might want to take a trip to craters of the moon. It is only a couple of hours south of Sun Valley.

Engage Your Favorite Water Adventure in Coeur d'Alene

Coeur d'Alene is the biggest city on the Idaho panhandle. The Lake Coeur d'Alene, being 25 miles long, is the number one attraction of this region, and it offers an array of water fun. The city also offers beautiful views and many trails.

Adventures Come Alive in Wallace

Wallace is located in the panhandle of Idaho. This town is very historical and is famous for its mining past. Nowadays, Wallace has transformed into one of the top adventure towns in the whole of Idaho. Apart from the Coeur d'Alene River that courses through the city, an attraction of the area is its biking trails. Many enjoy kayaking Wallace's rivers, and one can always explore and discover the town's mining history.

The paradise of Idaho is full of hidden potentials. Be among the few people who have explored its many outdoor wonders and start planning your trip there. You'll be glad you did.