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Top Outdoor Adventures in Kentucky, Hiking in Kentucky

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Kentucky is a vibrant and diverse playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Many people visit it to experience and explore its many outdoor attractions. With such attractions as the forested pathways for day hikes, underground caverns, and winding rivers, this state makes just the perfect travel destination for a vacation getaway. The land is blessed with so much diversity and beauty you might find it hard to decide how to begin your tour of the state.

Explore One of Kentucky's Trail Towns

Kentucky is home to 16 distinctive trail towns. Each one of these towns offers unique outside adventures. Some of the trails are perfect for local hiking, some can work with a horse, while others can be explored on two wheels. You can choose your favorite trail town based on how you'll prefer to track the loops.

Hike the Mountains at Sunrise.

You will see how impressive the experience of hiking the mountain trails in Kentucky is when you finally do. While it is a fantastic experience to trail the mountains at any time of the day, the experience is even more exciting and magical when done at sunrise.

Climb at Red River Gorge

At the red river gorge, you have lots of routes to choose from. This is what makes it a paradise to climbers. Some of the many climbing sections include sky bridge ridge, roadside crag, and pebble beach. You should try all of them out if you love climbing.

Paddle the Big South Fork

In Kentucky, the big south fork is one of the most famous destinations for rafting. You could start by rafting the scenic railway of the big south fork along the romantic backwoods, then proceed to do the five-mile paddle from blue heron to Yamacraw. You'll find yourself going between boulders and high cliffs. It'll be fun!

Ride Horses like a Professional

Kentucky, the bluegrass state, is just the place to draw even closer to your equestrian self. Many stables in this region offer riding opportunities. You can head over to any of wrangler's riding stables in the golden pond, whispering woods stables in Georgetown, and cable's riding stables in Campton. You can decide to take a tour of the Horse Capital of the World, in Lexington.

Kayak to a Deserted Ghost Ship

Another of Kentucky's top attractions is the ruins of the USS Sachem which you can access through a kayak along Taylor Creek. The ship was initially called the Celt. Being a 180-foot luxury hatch powered by steam, and has been owned by many. Its most recent owner bought it for $7,500. The luxury yacht has featured in one of Madonna's music video "Papa Don't Preach", but is now lying deserted in Kentucky.

Explore Kentucky's Mega Cavern in Louisville

No matter your age, you'll love exploring the 17 miles of the human made caverns located in the city of Louisville. This cavern brings history and science to life. The cavern can only provide a memorable underground adventure, and you don't want to miss any of it. Interestingly, you can tour the cave in many ways. You could explore with an underground zip line course or use an SUV pulled tram. If you visit during the holidays, you may even get to see an incredible light show.

Visit the Remarkable Big Four Bridge

The big four bridge used to be a railroad truss bridge. Now, however, it has turned into a bicycle and pedestrian bridge connecting the city of Louisville to Jefferson, in Indiana. A walk through this bridge is also an opportunity to enjoy the views of the Ohio River and its surroundings. One end of the bride presents a route to the 85-acre waterfront park. The bridge serves as the perfect backdrop for many exciting outdoor concerts, firework exhibitions, fairs, and many other events.

Think of the fun that waits for you in the beautiful state of Kentucky and starts planning your travel to the land. You won't regret it.