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The Ultimate Bucket List Michigan for Those Who Loves the Outdoors, Hiking in Michigan

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Exploring nature offers us a unique sense of tranquility, solitude, and fulfillment. Michigan has proven to be an exciting region for any nature lover. The state has everything from diverse landscape and mountains to the rich history and bustling cities. There is an endless array of outdoor opportunities in the paradise, and anyone who visits its raw natural beauty will inspire it.

If you have been searching for the place where you can have many memorable adventures, this article is for you.

Explore the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

The sleeping dunes national lakeshore is a famous attraction in Manitou Island, an island located in Lake Michigan. Despite the Lake Michigan being only the third largest among the great lakes, it happens to be the only lake that completely borders the America soil. This lake is also what gave the state of Michigan its recognition as home to the second largest shoreline among the 50 states of the nation, with Alaska being number one. The sleeping bear dunes is known primarily for its vast expanse of dunes.

The national landmark is also known for its hiking trails and beautiful scenery.

Tour Round the Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island in Michigan is a historic place. The island offers visitors an insight into the simple way of life of ancient times. Tourists travel to the island via a ferry and spend the day touring through the old town's shops. Visitors are also allowed to explore the island either on a horse-driven carriage or by hiking through. One highlight of this island is the Mackinac Bridge which was opened in 1957.

The bridge actually joins the Mackinaw city's Lower Peninsula to St. Ignace's Upper Peninsula. This bridge is among the longest suspension spans all over the world.

Get Awed at the Pictured Rocks National Seashore

Pictured rocks national seashore. Unique name, right? This national landmark got its name from the colors of the iron, manganese oxide and copper that were found in the rocks around the region. The national seashore is located on Lake Superior’s south shore. The landscape of this area is quite remarkable being an excellent combination of cliffs, dunes, rocky shores and beaches.

The area's interior is full of forests, rivers and inland lakes. Many tourists visit the area to enjoy the views, experience nature and do fun activities like local hiking, boating, and camping. Interestingly, there's another recreation area close by. The Grand Island national recreation too offers lots of fun outside sports.

Experience Isle Royale National Park

Also located in Lake Superior, but this time on the northwestern side is the Isle Royale national park. The park is close to the Canadian frontier and is shaped by ice age glaciers. The island is abundant with streams, lakes, diverse wildlife and dense forests. This unspoiled area of Michigan is what attracts many wildlife lovers to the region. It is best to explore the park as your day hike along its hiking trails.

Glimpse Diverse Wildlife at Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoo is another place to catch a glimpse of different animals. All the animals that take refuge in the zoo represent different parts of the world. Some of the animals you'll discover in this zoo include zebras, polar bears, aardvarks, lions, lemurs, and others.

Visit Michigan's Windmill Island

Michigan is home to the only original Dutch windmill exported to America. The 36-acre heritage park features manicured flower gardens alongside Dutch architecture. The park becomes more vibrant in May with the emergence of up to 175,000 tulips. The island's windmill is still functional, and it produces stone ground floor that is sold. The island also offers visitors the opportunity to hike and watch wildlife.

There you have your ultimate bucket list to explore the outdoors in Michigan. Get ready to be awe-stricken. You'll love Michigan, even more, when you visit it yourself. What are you waiting for? Start planning and have fun!