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Discover the peculiarity of North Carolina, Hiking in North Carolina

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Although North Carolina (N.C.) is known for its vast arable land, diverse landscape and having one of the oldest public university in the United States of America, it also is a perfect destination for people that are looking for an ideal holiday location for outdoor activities.

This southeastern state has landscapes varying from the Appalachian Mountains to beautiful lakes to the forest and the Atlantic Ocean. This diversity has made it the perfect location for romantic trips, family holidays and even official trips. The never-ending torrents of activities are sure to keep you wanting to come back. If you have never thought of North Carolina as a travel destination, hopefully by the time you get to the end of this, you must have started booking your flight for the next holiday seas

Places to visit in North Carolina

The number of sites that should be on your bucket list as you plan your trip to N.C. needs no prelude due to its limitlessness. These places are sure to afford you that one memorable trip that you will forever look back to and wish you can do it again regardless of your travel companions or lack of. This list is not arranged in any particular order because it will be challenging to choose the best place. Follow us to find out more.

Hike at Mount Mitchell State Park

Hiking, biking, camping, climbing are all adventures that await you at Mount Mitchell State Park. Located north of Asheville, on arriving at the park, the view only is sure to take your breath away and keep you in awe. Hiking through the eight trails leads to a camping site, which is an excellent location for picnics or to relax and rest your limbs. You can also go birding to discover the over 90 different species of birds that can be seen while on the observation tower. Your visit here is never complete without a visit to the museum and the gift store for the perfect souvenirs.

Drive to the Outer Banks

If you are looking for a routine travel destination, this is the place for you. It is a string of barrier islands that separates the Atlantic Ocean and the mainland. It is famous for its vast beaches and is the ideal destination for surfing, shipwreck diving and broad walk strolls. It is also home to some fantastic sites like the outer bank lighthouse, Elizabeth Gardens, Duck Broad walk and the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. While at the Outer Banks, remember to go fishing- the Outer Bank is known to have a variety of fishes. Golfing is another most do activity at this site.

Experience the ruggedness of Pisgah National Forest

Another fantastic site at N.C. that is great for activities outside is the Pisgah National Forest. Its immense forested area makes it the ultimate destination for camping and hiking. The rugged mountainous terrain is home to some of the best local hiking trails in the forest. Camping sites are also available whether it is for family picnics or just for the lone-wolf looking for someplace to relax and unwind.

Regardless of personal interest and preference, this location has something lined up for you. The spectacular scenery here is ideal for people that want to enjoy the view while visiting the Pisgah National Forest.

Explore the distinctiveness of the Great Smoking Mountain National Park

This right here is the paradise of the outdoor-minded individual. The distinct nature of the park coupled with the enormous number of activities that you can do here are sure to keep your head spinning and wanting to it all. You can go on a day hike at the Clingmans Dome, wildlife viewing at Cades Cove, skiing at the Ober Gatlinburg, hiking at the Laurel Fall trails and many more activities at this park. Additionally, there are different types of flowers to discover and amazing trails to cycle and mountain bike on.

Are you already in love with the eccentricity of North Carolina? Well, take that giant leap and travel here to find out more about the beauty that it encapsulates.