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A Nature Lover's Guide to Oregon, Hiking in Oregon

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The state of Oregon is always bubbling with fun and numerous outdoor activities. Even the weather allows for endless adventures all year round. From exploring the mountain peaks to exploring Central Oregon's high desert to discovering the rugged coastline, everything about this region is exciting. In fact, whether you visit in the winter or during summertime, there's always a thing or two you can do to have an excellent time outside – either snowshoe up a mountain, ride your way through the paths or hike along the rim of the infamous Crater Lake.

Watch the Sunset at Trillium Lake

Sunset at Trillium Lake is too mesmerizing for anyone to miss. If you happen to be visiting at the state, you definitely will want to catch a glimpse of the sunset at this lake. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy every second of it. Better still, you could watch the sunset while kayaking on the lake. The trillium lake provides just the right scenery, and it is quite photogenic too, just in case you'll like to take pictures.

Hike the Oneonta Gorge

Though the Oneonta Gorge is excellent for day hikes, it is the waterfalls that run through it that is really spectacular. Not less than 4 waterfalls run through this region, and the Lower Oneonta Falls is the most famous of them all. Though you'll have to climb over gigantic log jams and pass through freezing water, the amazing view will make it all worth it in the end.

Explore the Oregon Coast

Starting over 363 miles from the Columbia River to the California border, the Oregon coast makes an exciting place to explore. The beach is covered with long stretches of sand. The sand here is beautifully dotted with shiny rock formations. You'll be very impressed by this when you see it yourself.

Chase Epic waterfalls!

Oregon is the place to enjoy the views of many exceptional waterfalls. Waterfalls are easily the trademark of this paradise. Be it horsetail, segmented or plunge, Oregon has got them all. Some huge waterfalls that are worthy of mention are the waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge. Apart from the fantastic waterfalls found in this area, some of the best hiking trails for local hiking can be found here too.

Watch as the Milky Way rises over Crater Lake

You would agree that the Milky Way is enough of a spectacular sight on its own. However, combined with the view of such a beautifully grand place like Crater Lake, it becomes almost surreal. All you need do is pick a vantage spot from where you can easily catch every moment, then sit back, and take the fantastic scenery in.

Enjoy a Fun Time Snowshoeing

Oregon also offers incredible winter fun–snowshoeing. This fun sport is fast becoming popular in both the Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood regions of Oregon. Visitors are free to bring their own shoes or rent a pair from local outfitters. Most of the trails in both neighborhoods have warming huts. As such, people can stop to warm themselves a little. The feeling you get snowshoeing along spectacular trails and amidst snow-covered trees is such an incredible one. You need to experience it.

Take the Rim Drive in Crater Lake National Park

In Oregon, if you haven't driven through the scenic route of Crater Lake National Park, then your travel to the state is not complete. This drive does not only promise a stunning view of every angle of the park, but it also promises to enlighten you with a great sense of the massiveness of the place. You'll love it!

No amount of explaining or talking will do justice to the fantastic experience you stand to gain from exploring this paradise. Visit Oregon to reconnect with nature and discover many inspire things. Make sure to add everything here to your travel bucket list.