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Pennsylvania's Top 8 Counties for Outdoor Adventure

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Pennsylvania is that paradise that has a little something for every nature lover. If you're excited about being outside or love the sight of natural beauties, there's no better place to visit than Pennsylvania. This region has many things going for it like its forested hillsides, amazing waterfalls, rail trails, and beautiful beaches. Everything about it beckons to nature lovers. If you're one yourself, you need to travel around our list of counties and experience the fun they offer.

Explore the Largest Lake in Huntingdon County

Huntingdon County is famous for being the home of the largest lake in the whole state of Pennsylvania, Raystown Lake. In facts, the lake is like the landmark of this county since it dominates the county's outdoor landscape. Visitors go boating to explore the lake. Another attraction in this area is the Allegrippis mountain bike trails. Visitors come from all over the world to bike these trails. You'll also find caves and many hiking trails in the rest of the county.

Enjoy Erie County's Rich Beaches

Located in northwestern Pennsylvania, this county does not have as many mountains as the rest of the state. However, it makes up for this with its beautiful beaches. The county houses over 75 miles of coastline along Lake Erie. Presque Isle State Park is the best place to explore for outdoor fun. It features nothing less than 13 beaches, an inland lake and an abundance of hiking trails. Visitors have the liberty to day hike these trails, kayak on the lake or even swim in it. For a secluded hiking experience, you might want to visit Erie Bluffs, State Park. Here you can go local hiking and enjoy the view of the lake.

Sullivan County Has Nice Landscapes

Sullivan County is situated in the endless mountains area of Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is the second least populated county in the state after Cameron County and is filled with beautiful landscapes that can be explored. The Worlds End State Park and Loyalsock State Forest are some of the outdoor attractions in the county. The Sullivan County also has several waterfalls, all of which make the views of the mountainside and hidden Valleys look more commanding. Meanwhile, history lovers too have much to enjoy from the county's covered bridges.

Visit the Grand Canyon in Tioga County

This county happens to be in north-central Pennsylvania. One of the state's most popular attractions is found here– the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon also called the Pine Creek Gorge. Though only the upper third is actually in this county, it includes the canyon's two state parks which are known for being full of stunning views, waterfalls and hiking trails.

Carbon County is a Nature Lover's Dream

In Carbon County, Jim Thorpe is the center of attraction. The area around this place offers many outside fun activities to bikers, hikers and white water lovers. Hawk Falls and Glen Onoko are popular options for waterfall lovers. Also, the many ski resorts and snowmobile trails only make the place more exciting to visit, especially for winter sports enthusiasts. There's no disappointment here at all.

Lycoming County is a Paradise of Natural Scenery

Scenery lovers adore the Lycoming County for its beautiful natural scenery. It is the largest county in Pennsylvania and is home to many wild areas, including McIntyre Wild Area. In this area, you'll find hidden waterfalls and waterways. The county also houses two-thirds of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in its northwestern region. The views are amazing in this area.

Visit Elk County, the Home of Elk Herd

This particular county is almost totally covered by forested land. Still, the elk herd that is in the county makes the outdoors even more alluring. The Elk County is home to the largest free-roaming population in the US northeast. The small town of Benezette is the place to go if you're interested in learning more about elk

Fayette County has it All

Ohiopyle State Park is the highlight of Fayette County. It has everything from waterfalls to biking trails, to caverns. This park is heaven, and you can look forward to an unforgettable time in it.

Pennsylvania has more than enough attractions for nature lovers. Make sure to explore the state thoroughly by visiting all these beautiful counties.