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Enjoying the Hospitality and Outdoors of South Carolina, Hiking in South Carolina

Let`s plan together your future adventure

There are lots of places in the US where you can have a good time in terms of leisure traveling. But there are very few places that can really make your journey worth your while and South Carolina is one of those places. This is the kind of location where all factors join together in perfect harmony to create an amazing experience. Whether it is the sights and activities or the weather, everything is just the right amount in this beautiful state so pack up for a wonderful trip.

Traveling to South Carolina

This state is one of the important ones in the USA and access is quite open as well in terms of travel. You can come here either via road or air as well and you will most definitely find the place to be welcoming. A lot of people come here for a range of outdoor adventure activities and the experiences that are provided here are one of a kind that leave you with very good memories. So no matter who you are, this is definitely a worthwhile destination for holiday.

Myrtle Beach

Of all the fun outdoor activities that one can be a part of in this state, the most popular is easily the sporting opportunities at Myrtle Beach. Whether you want to go for a swim, or lay down in the sand for a nice tan, or simply want to relax, it is a great spot to be at in South Carolina. The ample shopping opportunities that one can find here are also a great distraction and make the visit to the beach a very wholesome and enjoyable experience.

Falls Park

Located in Greenville, this is one of the most popular spots in the state among outdoor enthusiasts. The main attraction of this place is the waterfall that is as wide as the river that it flows with and is certainly a very attractive sight to enjoy. The fact that it is practically located in downtown and is surrounded with beautiful scenery makes it a great attraction for people looking for a light hiking experience that leads to amazing rewards. If you are visiting then you should check this place out.

Kings Mountain National Military Park

As said earlier, there is a lot of historical importance of this state as well and you will find many places offering relics from the past. Same is the case for this particular park which is a complete historical monument on its it is a major battlefield site from the Revolutionary War and a lot of people fought and died on this ground. These grounds are preserved to honor the memory of the people who died here while fighting in the war. You also find volcanic activity here.

Brasstown Falls

Located in Westminster, this place is one of the most visited spots in the whole state, all year round. Search for the name of these falls and you will find countless pictures taken for the purpose of creating wallpapers. The reason for this is the fact that it is one of the most beautiful places in the whole country. A lot of people follow the trails leading up here to photograph this beautiful spot and once you set your eyes on this spot you see the logic for doing it.

Scenic Roads

One of the things that you will definitely enjoy a lot here is the roads that take you to your destinations. The state has way too many roads that are beautiful in every right and provide for a great source of fun and relaxing time in itself. Going for a drive on these roads is a very serene experience and you can enjoy it at virtually zero cost which is a plus point for sure! Whenever you visit the state, make sure you take some time to soak it in.

Coming in prepared

No matter what part of the world you go to, it is a no brainer to go on your trip well prepared for all the situations that you may face. Same is the case with this location as well so whether you want to enjoy the views or visit mountain ranges or simply enjoy the beauty of national parks, you should know what to expect. We highly recommend visiting the state's tourism website to gather useful information for your trip.