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Hiking South Dakota

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Exploring the Captivating Outdoors and trails of South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the most interesting places in the United States. It is home to some of the best cultural and natural wonders in the country. Being able to explore this amazing state is a privilege to some extent and if you get the chance to visit then you should consider yourself lucky as this is a trip worth taking. We are excited to tell you about what you can expect in here and what you can do upon your visit so keep reading to find out more.

Key Spots in North Dakota

There are quite a few places that you can add to your list of must visit spots upon your arrival in North Dakota. Whether you are a person looking for a good place to be alone and free or you want to be among the crowd and explore famous and historical places, you can find something good in this state easily. The places you can visit include the Mickelson Trail, Mount Rushmore, Black Hills National Forest, Wind Cave, Custer State Park and much more.

Mickelson Trail

This is definitely one of the most famous activities that you can do during your visit here and if you are a cycling nut then this is definitely going to a dream come true for you! The trails in question are frequented by countless people, be it cyclists, professional running athletes, snow sports enthusiasts and many other people as well. It is the perfect exploration spot in both summers and winters and it should be given the fact that it is one of the most beautiful spots in the state.

Missouri River

The name of this place is famous in a wide range of contexts, be it stories, songs, folklore or any other aspect of American culture. However, the importance of this river with regard to this state is the fact that it is both the largest river in the country and also a key dividing point within the state. People often refer to different locations in the state as being east or west of the river. The river is a great spot for water based adventure like kayaking, swimming etc.

The Black Hills Forest

As far as natural habitats go, this forest is not only an important spot in the state but in all of the Unites States. People travel to this place for a range of different activities which include camping, enjoy the views from the summit of Black Elk Peak, star gaze in open grounds, explore the wildlife and natural habitat of this national forest and a lot more, A key location you should go to is the fire the views you get to see from this place are unforgettable.

Mount Rushmore

Did you know that the famous "heads" mountain, or as it is officially called, Mount Rushmore is actually in South Dakota? This incredible piece of American history is a tribute to four famous presidents of the United States of America. The most interesting thing about this place however is the fact that it is one of the most popular "climbing" spots, both in the state and the country. People come from all across the country to "climb the presidents", as it is called and it definitely worth checking out.

Sylvan Lake

For those of you who are fond of hiking, this place offers a very special treat in the form of this particular lake. Safely hidden in the wilderness of Custer Park, this vast lake is surrounded by high cliffs and carries a special beauty in it. People often visit this place for a day hike and tend to engage in cliff diving as well, given how perfectly formed the walls are around the lake. It is also a really good spot for camping if you are into that thing.

Endless Opportunities

The activities discussed here are only the tip of the iceberg and once you come to this state you will see how endless the opportunities are for tourists. Whether you want to focus on exploring maximum outdoor places or delve into the historical marvels of this state, you can rest assured that you will definitely leave this place happy and content. We highly recommend checking the official tourism site of the state as well for more useful stuff.