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Most Popular Outdoor Adventures in West Virginia

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What makes West Virginia so remarkable is its natural landscape, which is the ultimate playground for nature enthusiasts. From climbing the region's cliffs, and hiking its lush forests, to exploring moody rivers that serve up tranquil waterways at one end and raging waters on the other, every single activity here is exciting. This state offers the perfect scenic backdrop for different amazing outdoor sport and events. You'll be amazed at the many thrilling outdoor experiences that await you in this paradise.

Paddle Crystal Clear Water

Paddling on the crystal clear water of Summersville Lake is just what you need for a fun and relaxing experience in West Virginia. Though this lake is quite large, it still maintains its clarity, and visitors find it quite exciting to paddle in it. Scuba divers too find this place great for their sport because of the lakes' stunning underwater rocks. If you want something even more exciting, you can move over to the Gauley River National Recreation Area where you'll get to raft one of the most thrilling white water in the state.

Hiking the Appalachian Region

One of the great things about West Virginia is that there is no shortage of trails in there, especially in the Appalachian region. This region is characterized by wooded terrain, breathtaking vistas, and steep inclines. Little wonder many avid hikers head to this region for a new hiking challenge. There are several West Virginia State Parks and forests in the state that offer great local hiking opportunities.

An example is the Coopers Rock State Forest. Here, the Raven Rock Trail will lead you to West Virginia's northernmost narrow passages. There are also several hiking trails that offer the most diverse paths for a great day hike.

Catching Rare Fish Species in West Virginia's Rivers

West Virginia is among the best areas to go fishing in the country. The New River, with its clean water, natural structure and age, makes fishing easy. Likewise, The Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers are famous for large populations of walleye, tiger muskie, and largemouth bass. You'll discover warm-water species like smallmouth bass, rock bass, and bluegill in the Bluestone River. The area also has some of the most beautiful wilderness in the state.

Mountain Biking the C&O Canal

Another favorite activity in West Virginia is Casual and competitive mountain biking. One of the most enjoyable mountain bike trails in West Virginia is the e C&O Canal Towpath, through Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown. You'll enjoy the ride.

Have Fun Climbing a Rock

Whether you're only starting or you're already a hard-core rock climber, West Virginia has the perfect rocks for you to climb. Looking for the top spot for an experienced climber? Try The New River Gorge. This place has more than 24 challenging sandstone-climbing areas. Perfect right? If you're a beginner, you’ll find moderate climbing rocks that are suitable for you in the area around Summersville Lake. Make sure to go with a guide.

Cave West Virginia's Naturally Stunning Landscape below Ground

West Virginia is just perfect. It is stunning both above and below ground. Though many of the caves in the state require you to be experienced with climbing, rope work, and navigation, there are also caves here that are more accessible. Seneca Caverns in Riverton is 165 feet below the earth's surface. Oregon Cave, located in Greenbrier County, has over 45 miles of underground routes and hundreds of unexposed ones. If you love history, you'll find interesting things in The Lost World Caverns in Lewisburg.

Skiing Amidst West Virginia's Mountains and Ski Resorts

While the mountains in West Virginia provide lovely scenery, it also offers visitors and locals spectacular skiing opportunities. Though the hills are more than enough, there are also many ski resorts, located throughout the state, and equipped with slopes for skiers of varying skill levels. You should try them out.

Want to know how sweet time outside can be? Take a vacation to West Virginia. There's no better travel destination. Have fun!