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Must-see Attractions in Venezuela, Hiking in Venezuala

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Though Venezuela is known mainly for its rich black gold, the country is also an excellent vacation destination for outdoor and adventure lovers. Venezuela has many beautiful natural sites, including expansive beaches, lush rainforests, grassy savannas, roaring waterfalls, and towering limestone caves. Whether you're a nature lover, relaxation seeker or an avid explorer, Venezuela will meet your needs.

Discover some regions

Catch a View of Angel Falls

Venezuela is home to the highest waterfalls in the world, Angel Falls. The 3,212 feet tall waterfall is hidden deep within the Canaima National Park in Venezuela and can be accessed by boat. Angel falls is truly mesmerizing to behold, and visitors can enjoy the tranquility and beauty the flowing waterfall offers when they visit. A tour guide gives visitors many interesting tidbits about the fall as well as about Jimmie Angel, the US aviator who the waterfall was named after.

Visitors can also day hike and kayak in the region surrounding the fall.

Explore the Jesus Soto Museum of Modern Art

The Jesus Soto Museum of Modern Art came to be in 1973 and was named after Jesus Soto, a Venezuelan painter, sculptor, and kinetic artist. The museum displays many of Soto's works as well as many of the art that he had gathered as the years went by. The Museum also houses a newer collection of the art of various artist from all over the globe. Many of the works are abstract, but visitors always find it exciting to explore the fantastic displays and attempt to interpret the arts.

There are also gardens in the Museum exhibiting different artistic structures.

Visit the Drowned Church of Potosi

Potosi used to have around 1,200 inhabitants until 1985 when the town was deliberately drowned to build a hydroelectric dam. After the drowning, no hint was left of the city that once existed in the area apart from the 85-foot- high steeple of the town's church which was being used as a high water mark for the reservoir. Twenty-six years after, a drought was caused by El Nino, which made the water to recede and what remained of the old town was revealed. Nowadays, visitors visit this site to see the façade of the church that is now fully exposed and gaze at the ruins of the houses and town square.

Watch Unique Fishes at Valencia's Aquarium

Valencia's Aquarium has been an attraction in Venezuela since 1975. Visitors flock in to enjoy the view of a vast collection of native fish species, including unique river and freshwater fish. This aquarium has earned many records. It is the biggest and most complete aquarium in Venezuela and is also among the few aquariums in the world that house trained captive Amazon River dolphins. The aquarium also has a zoo and is, therefore, home to animals like jaguar, turtle, monkeys, and pumas.

Climb the Mount Roraima

If mountain climbing is your hubby, you'll enjoy climbing Mount Roraima. This mount spans the borders of Brazil and Guianas. Spectacular waterfalls beautifully pierce its steep rock faces. There are several hiking trails in the region, and you'll enjoy local hiking on the exceptional trail. You also stand a chance of coming face to face with beautiful flora and fauna.

These are only a few of all what awaits you in Venezuela. You'll discover a whole lot more amazing attractions when you get there. Have fun!

Cave at Cueva Del Guacharo National Park

Located in Monagas, the Cueva del Guacharo National Park is one of the most attractive places in Venezuela. This park's main attraction is a large, unique limestone cave which is more than 10 kilometers in length. The cave also has many large chambers within it. When you visit this extraordinary place, you'll be able to explore the cavern and glimpse the picturesque rock formations inside it. You'll also get the chance to watch oilbirds or see the Guacharo bird. These birds make guano which gives the cave its basic nutrients.

Morrocoy National Park is perfect for Relaxing

With over 32,000 acres of protected island and marine preserve, the Morrocoy National Park is just the place to visit to enjoy wonderful beaches, mangroves and cays. The island is blessed with spectacular white sand beaches on which you can relax after or before engaging in all the water activities that you love. Then there's the clear water coral reefs which harbor sea turtles, fish, and dolphins. Many of these see animals can be seen by scuba divers while scuba diving. There's more.

You can choose to explore the wetlands when you get to the island. There, you'll spot animals like flamingos, opossums, sloths, anteaters, howler monkeys, and several deeper species.