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Skiing is synonymous with fun and holidays for many people. It's the first activity you think of when winter brings its first snowflakes.

Skiing is the ultimate sliding sport. Taking advantage of the special nature of the snow to move forward brings a wave of spontaneous joy to us.

If its practice dates back to traditions that go back centuries, it is a sport that is growing incredibly, both in terms of the number of followers and in the forms in which it is practiced.

Skiing now allows you to travel for miles in the forest, be pulled by a giant kite, climb a mountain on one side and enjoy the descent on another.

Finding places to go downhill or cross-country skiing may seem easy, as these activities are often promoted as major tourist attractions.

But when it comes to finding places to go off-piste skiing, towed skiing or hok skiing, or even discovering new places to indulge in our favourite forms of skiing, it's easy to get lost in this ocean of tempting offerings.

That's why at Let's go play outside, we accompany skiers of all kinds to guide them in planning their favourite activity. The best trails, training centres and equipment rentals have never seemed so accessible!

Life is too short to settle for ordinary adventures. At Let's go play outside, we do everything we can to make each of your outings more memorable than the last.

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Why ski ?

Skiing is a sport that allows you to enjoy the landscape like no other.

In alpine skiing, one is quickly captivated by the beauty of the landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see all around us. Never before has it been so easy to enjoy the panoramic view from a summit.

For other forms of skiing, it is the moment to immerse yourself in the quiet force that emanates from the forest and push yourself to the limit to face the elements.

Skiing is a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. Enjoying the comforts of civilization within our reach after a great day of physical activity also makes skiing a popular social activity.

Skiing is also a great excuse to travel and discover new places to experience the rigours of winter. No, you don't have to ski at -40!

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Skiing is rediscovering winter in all its states. From the charm of the first snows to the exceptional sliding conditions offered by the great cold and pleasant temperatures of spring, there is always a new excuse to have fun skiing.

It can become a means of transport, a way of respecting nature while having fun. Skiing is more than just an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed with friends, it's an opportunity to join a global community that shares a passion for life.

Skiing is an activity that breaks down barriers of language and culture, it is a way of expressing the body that pushes us out of our comfort zone.

Whether we take advantage of gravity to let ourselves go down a steep slope that defies our fears or whether we push on our boards to advance on a trail that pushes us out of our shape, we are always sure to accomplish something exceptional when we stand on these two boards with which we glide on the coldest element of creation.

And that is the beauty of skiing. Human ingenuity is a force that allows it to take control of its destiny.

The next time you find yourself standing on the top of a mountain with our skis in your feet, think of the powerful symbol you embody. Man's will can overcome the most difficult conditions and derive pleasure from them.

And just for that, we should always experience immeasurable happiness from skiing, because it reveals to the face of the world the most beautiful face of human nature.

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