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What are the activities at Centre De Ski Le Relais ?

Cross-country skiing

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Why choose a trail at Centre De Ski Le Relais?

Cross-country skiing is an activity that consists of moving on groomed trails using specially designed skis. This discipline is generally practiced in mountainous regions, where the slopes are gentler and the distances between trees are greater.

The Le Relais de la Québec ski center is located in the Eastern Townships, near the village of Sutton. It offers about 15 kilometers of groomed trails for cross-country skiing, as well as a course for snowshoeing. Lovers of this activity also have access to marked trails for Nordic walking.

The Relais de la Québec is an ideal center for beginners, as it offers a dedicated area for apprentice skiers. The trails here are wide and not too steep, allowing novices to progress quickly. More experienced skiers can head to the steeper slopes of Mount Orford, just minutes from the center.

What are the services on site?

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What are the coordinates and address of Centre De Ski Le Relais?

Centre De Ski Le Relais
1084 Bd du Lac, Lac-Beauport, QC G3B 2P9, Canada

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Starting Point

To get to the cross-country ski trailhead at Centre De Ski Le Relais, take exit 307 on Highway 20. After leaving the highway, continue straight on Principale Street and turn left on Rue du Moulin. After crossing the bridge, continue straight on Lac-aux-Sables road and turn left on Lac-aux-Sables road. All that remains is to follow the signs to arrive at Centre De Ski Le Relais.

Why visit Centre De Ski Le Relais

The Relais is located at about 400 meters above sea level and offers a breathtaking view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. It is easily accessible by car and has plenty of parking spaces. The center also offers ski and snowboard equipment rentals as well as a ski clothing and accessories store.

Things not to be missed

The best activities to do near Centre De Ski Le Relais at in the Quebec City area include hiking, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. The area is also famous for its many lakes and rivers, which make fishing and boating a popular activity.

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