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Tourist resort Pin Rouge - Cross-country skiing


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What are the activities at Tourist resort Pin Rouge ?

Cross-country skiing

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Why choose a trail at Tourist resort Pin Rouge?

Cross-country skiing at Tourist resort Pin Rouge de la Quebec in New Richmond is a fun, family-friendly activity that appeals to skiers of all levels. The trails are varied and well-groomed, making for an enjoyable descent. Beginners can learn the basics of cross-country skiing on the easy trails, while more experienced skiers can take on the more challenging slopes. Plus, the surrounding scenery is beautiful, making this activity even more enjoyable.

What are the services on site?

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What are the coordinates and address of Tourist resort Pin Rouge?

Tourist resort Pin Rouge
1250 Chem. de Saint-Edgar, New Richmond, QC G0C 2B0, Canada

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Starting Point

To get to the cross-country ski trailhead at Tourist resort Pin Rouge in New Richmond in Quebec, take Route 138 and continue to the park entrance.

Why visit Tourist resort Pin Rouge

The Tourist resort Pin Rouge is located in New Richmond, in the province of Quebec. It is an ideal place for family vacations, as it offers a multitude of activities for all ages. Nature lovers will also be pleased, as the resort is located in the heart of a forest and offers beautiful scenery. Activities include kayaking, canoeing, biking and hiking. There is also an outdoor pool and spa, which provide a place to relax after a long day of activities.

Things not to be missed

Activities not to be missed near Tourist resort Pin Rouge in New Richmond in the Quebec City area are hiking, mountain biking and fishing.

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