Mount Adams, New Hampshire - Hiking

Mount Adams, New Hampshire - Hiking

New Hampshire, United States


Difficulty Hard
Distance 12 KM
Elevation gain 1,766 M




If you are adventurous, you will certainly appreciate Mount Adams. It is a mountain very popular with hikers who love the climbs fateful. Indeed, the ascent of Mount Adams requires a particular physical effort that will be rewarded at the top by a spectacular panorama. You will certainly fall in love with this pretty mountain!

Mount Adams in a nutshell

Mount Adams is ranked second in the highest mountains in New Hampshire. Wondering why the name Adams? It is a name given to honor the second American President John Adams. If this mountain has become a hikers' favorite destination, it is mainly thanks to its difficult trail embellished with various challenges. At a height of 1760 meters, Mount Adams offers a unique and sensational hike.

The trail in detail

Before starting this path, you have to be ready to make a big physical effort because it has a very steep drop. Yet this trail is enriched with magical moments that you will never forget. It all starts at the Appalachia parking lot and then you have to follow the signs to reach the Air Line Trail. This is where the climb begins with a surprising ridge that offers a beautiful view towards the King Ravine. The climb continues with a more difficult stretch of trail that requires a rock field crossing. Be careful, this part presents some risk during rainy weather. Once you reach the summit, you have the chance to contemplate the beauty of the presidential mountains especially Washington, Jefferson and Madison. Looking east, you can see in the distance the mountains of the Carter Range or the ski resort of Mount Wildcat.

For the return, do not use the same way to guarantee your safety. From the summit, continue the Air Line Trail to the intersection with the Gulfside Trail. Then, turn right towards the Madison Spring Hut. From there, take the Valley Way Trail on your left to get to the parking lot. This return path has multiple intersections. To avoid any mistake, it is advisable to bring a topographic map. The round trip distance of 14.5 km requires about 8 hours of walking.

Other useful information

Mount Adams has free parking. The trails are open to the public year round and accept dogs on a leash.

If you enjoy the challenges of challenging trails, Mount Adams remains a must-see destination. Take the time to savor your achievement and admire the panoramic view!


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44.3203412 -71.290909

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(518) 381-4700

Rating and comments

James Kirby
James Kirby
I love it ! I have done it in the fog with wind around 60 mph (90-100km/h) and it was amazing. The feeling we get hiking this mountain is just incredible. Have to do it again so we can see the amazing view it can gives. Don't forget to do Mount Madison in the same hike and stop by the Madison Hut. Have a great hike !
Anna Maier
Anna Maier
Great hike but A LOT of black flies and deer ticks. Also some poison ivy on the trail. Make sure to wear pants. It gets a little sweaty but it's better than itchy.
Lydia Crawford
Lydia Crawford
Beautiful mountain with spectacular views
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas
Better and more difficult hike than Mt. Washington, and far less crowds than Mt. Washington. Awesome views. You feel really good after.
Angel Gibbs
Angel Gibbs
Lovely views and changing scenery on your climb up...and sometimes, changing weather. One Labor Day weekend, backpacked up with a friend. Started out in sun and shorts but by the time we reached the summit it was sleeting and 35-40 mph gusts ! Thankfully, we were properly prepared and had reservations at the cabin on top.

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