Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire - Hiking

Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire - Hiking

New Hampshire, United States

Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire Statistics


Very hard


13 KM

Elevation gain

1,600 meters

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The path provides a range of activities and is best used from April to October. Dogs are also able to use the path. You're unlikely to discover better opinions in New England on a straightforward day. Combine this with strenuous and nervous hiking on the' knife-edge' between Mount Little Haystack, Lincoln, and Lafayette, and you've got the recipe for a good day out.

As a bonus, you will climb three peaks, including the largest mountain outside the Presidential Range-Mount Lafayette. $3 a day to park here. There is restricted parking on the path and the path is busy on weekends and holidays. Make sure you come soon.

If the parking lot is complete, individuals can park on the I93 or across the highway at the Lafayette Campground. The restrooms are situated right after the beginning of the path. Start a walk on the Falling Waters Trail, which is rather steep but great for climbing the hills. You can get a peak in the Adirondacks on a nice day.

Mt Lafayette

Lincoln, you're going to travel over a 2-mile stretch of knife-edge ridge that links this peak with Little Haystack. This exposed 5.242 ' summit marks the beginning of a very exposed ridge climb. Make sure the weather is nice before you continue south down the ridge. You've reached the highest point of the summit.

Congratulations for climbing 3800 ft over approximately 5 miles and hitting the third and final 4000 footer of the day. Lafayette is the largest mountain outside the presidential range in New Hampshire, and on a clear day, you'll have wonderful views all around. If the weather is bad or windy, be sure to huddle down behind the ancient walls on the west side of the mountain before turning your nose down the mountain. Take a break at the Eagles Lakes hut to catch your breath before going to Lafayette and the exposed ridge.

This is a lengthy and strenuous hike, so make sure you bring plenty of food and water. I've taken 7 hours, including breaks at the highs. I preferred to drive on Lincoln's side, which is more abrupt to reduce all this height more slightly. We climbed the peaks through the Bridle Path, rather than the more common Falling Water Trail.

As we continued our walk, we became more and more grateful for choosing this choice. The first mile of the Bridle Path was pretty boring with little elevation gain. After the first mile, however, you start to climb a tree covered with a ridge. Once on the ridge, the path becomes much more diverse and hard.

Summit of amazing Mt Lafyaette

Personally, I like going up on challenging paths. This coupled with the lovely views across the trees, made this portion of the path go by, despite the reality that it was likely the hardest component of the path. I haven't visited too many of the AT cottages in NH, but from those I've seen, this one was certainly the cleanest and most well-maintained one I've visited. It certainly made me want to come back and remain that night.

After the hut, you rapidly break out of the tree line and start climbing with the cairn guide to achieve the summit of Lafayette. Our gradual decent along the ridge, left us feeling that we made the correct choice in our route decision. Looking at the path behind us, it was simple to see how open opinions of the peaks they had yet to ascend could result in their attitudes. As we started to descend the Falling Water trail, we grasped their pain even more.

Follow the trail

It was the perfect way to end the hike. Lafayette was covered with fog. Very chilly, man. But he had a beautiful view as and when the clouds were passing by... Hike down the Old Bridge Trail.

.trail was steep because of the rocky terrain, and it was stressful on the knees. Take a bunch of water and dry fruit! It was 3 days ago. Next time I go, I need to be in better form. Pictures don't even start to do justice to it.

Absolutely suggest going up the Falling Waters path as it climbs fairly fast. That being said, it was very rewarding for the opinions, the fauna and the individuals we encountered on the path. We did the path on Thursday and on Friday we had a scheduled massage every... good idea. It was wonderful to walk over the clouds.

Hike in the white mountains

Highly suggest bringing enough water to at least get you to the cabin on the bridle trail where they've got water and pack a top coat as it's getting pretty cold! It was 4 days ago. Parking can be hard. Waterfalls are awesome. After heading up the Falling Water Trail, I walked down this path.

I chose to do it this way, because it was a smaller distance to the top, and then a more gradual inclination to Lafayette. All three peaks are amazing and worth seeing. Check out my complete journey report along with a few stuff to look out for. Having said that, I still have my favourite path in the East.

You don't need to break out of the booties. So we did this 3-and 6-year-old trek with a carrier hiking bag. No turn back, just go directly up on the rocks. I felt defeated a few times with 40 valuable lbs on my back, but I would do it again as it was worth it.

On this loop, I had to raise it two times. Definitely need protection for dogs ' legs, either wax or shoes, if not used on rocks. I brought a gallon and two liters of water to us, and we didn't have any problems with it. So far, this is my favourite hike in the south.

Greenleaf trail

The fastest path to the summit of Mount Lafayette is the Old Bridle Path, which goes through the Greenleaf Hut and Eagle Lake. The most famous path to the summit is the Falling Waters Trail, also part of the Appalachian Trail. There are several waterfalls to be seen along the Falling Waters Trail. Follow 3 miles where you'll find yourself at the top of Little Haystack Mountain.

From Little Haystack Mountains, turn left onto Franconia Ridge Trail and proceed for 0.7 miles until you reach the top of Mount Lincoln. After 1 mile you will reach Eagle Lake and Greenleaf Hut. You can park on either side of the Interstate, because there's a foot tunnel linking the two. Take the first exit at 34B called Lafayette Place Campground Trail Head Parking.

This is the opposite of Mount Washington, which can be class 2 near the top and often reached via the much slower NHSR-16. On a clear day, you will have great views of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range looking west from the summit. Alternative paths include the Skookumchuck Trail and the Walker Brook Ravine. This trail is situated right offI-93 close the southern end of Franconia Notch State Park.

None if you are on a trail in Franconia Notch State Park, which includes Lafayette Place and Greenleaf Trailhead. The area around the summit includes the Lafayette Brook Scenic Area, the White Mountain Nationa Forest and the Pemigewasset Wilderness, so be sure to check out the Camping Section if you want to camp here. Well, when To Climb. Like many locations in the White Mountains of the NH, you can reach this peak year round.

Winter is particularly pleasant to climb this peak, as it is often overrun by hikers during the summer months. In particular, there is no need to camp at or close this peak. Although the Lafayette Campground is not formally opened during the winter, it is still feasible to remain there. The AMC Greenleaf Hut region is a famous winter camping area, even if the hut itself is closed.

If you don't mind sleeping further away from the Liberty Springs Tentsite to the south and Garfield Ridge Tentsite to the north, there are also options. This site is run by the AMC and has an on-site caregiver during the summer months. Amenities include 8 big wooden tent platforms, a spring and a composting toilet. The second alternative includes traveling north and east along the Franconia Ridge Trail from the summit of Lafatette.

The peak of Mount Garfield is about 2.5 miles away. A further half mile descent to the south will take you to the Garfield Ridge Tentsite. The facilities and fees at this site are comparable to the Liberty Spring site, with the addition of the shelter covered here. Approximately 100 yards before the tent site, the spring also includes drinking water that does not require therapy.

Be conscious that both tents are often busy during the summer weekends and are accessible on a first-come / first-serve basis. If you want to rest in the backcountry, there are a lot of Backcountry Camping Rules you need to know about. My prayer is out there for the family, and I wish them well in this moment of pain. Hiker claims it's a bad turn in bad weather that cost her mother her life.

Theo Emery, Associated Press Writer, 3/29/2004. BOSTON β€” Brenda and Russell Cox were married outdoors in the Vermont Mountains seven years ago with a layer of new snow around them. Schulz said Cox could remain in the hospital for as long as two weeks, while the physicians were waiting to see the magnitude of frostbite harm to his toes, legs, chest and fingertips. "It's still quite early for Mr. Cox. The state is looking into this option, he said. They decided to walk to the top of Mt. Lafayette, then turn around, said Russell Cox. After they reached the top, they turned around and started back down.

They were strained to see the rock stacks marking the path through the whirling snow and wind. They discovered that they had gone the incorrect way when they reached a junction slightly less than a mile down the path. By then, they could see almost nothing, their ski goggles froze over and the 75 mph winds were tearing at them. They constructed a snow cave and spent a comparatively comfortable night there.

They talked in the night, but she was quiet in moment, and her husband knew she was dead. The next morning, he walked out of the cave to discover a brilliantly clear and hot morning. He managed to flag the helicopter down, spotting it after a few passes, and airlifting it to safety, he said. All rights are reserved.

The material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Lafayette is not only the sixth highest peak on the NH 4,000-footer list, it is the fourth most prominent peak in New England, according to the New England Fifty Finest List.

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What are the coordinates and address of Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire?

Mount Lafayette
Mount Lafayette, Franconia, NH 03251, USA

What are the comments and evaluations from the community?

Michael Haywood
Michael Haywood
One the best hikes that I made so far, but it is challenging and steep up , really like doing cardio in the Gym on the treadmill with incline 12 max, regardless of the wilderness of the roads, rock and branches on your way. The view from the summit is gorgeous. If your are in shape and live close do it at least once .
4 years ago
Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson
One of my favorite hikes I ever did! Beautiful view and the possibility to do the loop is cool. If you are well trained, the hike is nice and not dangerous compared to other. It is a Mount to do.
3 years ago
Anna Lopez
Anna Lopez
One of the toughest and most beautiful hikes. Did the loop in 7 hours with my two dogs. Besides panzies at the summit complaining about well behaved off leash dogs, it was a great experience.
4 years ago
Jamal Fiedler
Jamal Fiedler
Beautiful views. Nice having the green leaf hut close by to fill your water and rest your legs with friends.
4 years ago

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Very hard

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1600.00 M

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