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Mount Marcy, New York - Hiking

New York, United States


Difficulty Hard
Distance 24 KM
Height 1,629 M
Elevation gain 965 M



Photos of Mount Marcy, New York

The lowest point in the State of New York with an elevation of 5.343 feet (1,629 m), is Mount Marcy (Mohawk: Tewawe'éstha). The apartment is situated in Essex County in the town of Keene. The hill is situated in the core of the Adirondack High Peaks Wilderness Region. Its stature and vast views make it a famous tourist destination in the summer months. The Lake Tear of Clouds is often mentioned as the Hudson River's top source, along the Feldspar Brook and the Opalescent River, at the collars between Mt. Marcy and Mt. Skylight, despite the fact that the primary trunk of the Opalescent River has a maximum point two miles south of Lake Clouds, and the trunk is a mile long than Feldspar Brook. Mount Marcy is one of Adirondack's high peaks. Although the last several hundred feet above the tree line, most of the mountain lies in forest. Rocky outcropes, lichens and shrubs dominate the peak. Two plaques commemorate both the centenary of the ascent and the mountain top itself on the top. The shortest and most common path up the hill, the Van Hoevenberg Trail, which begins at Adirondak Loj close to Heart Lake, is from the north-west. The peak, which can be carried out nevertheless in one day (22.4 km), is 7.4 miles (11.2 km) from here. A big area of the path can be used for alpine and snowboarding. A 18-mile (28,8 km) round trip can be broken at the Johns Brook Lodge via the Johns Brook trail at the Garden Park south of the hill in the Keene Valley. One of the two main road headings on the southern High Peaks, Upper Works or Elk Lake can be produced from a longer northern strategy. Visibility at the top provides very remote view of most of the volcanic Montregian hills in the St Lawrence valley of Quebec up north to Mont St Hillaire. Burlington and Champlain's Lake are adorned with a view that extends far beyond the southern Adirondacks.

Amazing views

The top of Mount Marcy is covered by four primary paths. The path is the most popular and most used from the parking region Adirondak Loj, the Van Hoevenberg Trail — and it is also the shortest path, at 7.4 miles. For more information on longer approaches to this peak, we suggest picking up a guidebook. A hiker up from Marcy can be coupled with Mount Skylight and Grey, two other high peaks for those who want a very lengthy trip or a super challenge.

Mount Marcy Climbing is a rite for a large number of hikers, regardless of whether it is a private objective or an attempt to be an Adirondack 46. This mild 14,5 miles hike from the High Peaks Information Center at Heart Lake, starts in the ancient Marcy Dam and Indian Falls, and leads you to the wind-swept, rocky path up to the summit of the village of Adirondack and its neighboring hills, with a spectacular 360 degrees view. Mount Marcy is an extraordinary location in the high peaks of the wild, 5 miles from any highway and a kilometer into the sky, accessible only on foot, so this is a worthy trip through the profound wilderness of the region.

Mount Marcy is the highest

Mount Marcy is a difficult mountain which experienced walkers should only try, particularly in winter. Much of the road requires snowshoeing and the exposed upper reaches must be climped with snowshoes or crampons. The temperature is at least 20 degrees warmer in greater altitudes than in the valley, excluding windchill. Bring several additional non-cotton layers, a headlamp with replacement batteries, additional food, a windbreaker, goggles and facial masks and night-time supplies.

On the road shoulder parking is also off limits by the Cascade Mountain trail. This big lot is subject to a parking fee. Turn straight on Adirondack Loj Road, follow Lake Placid on Route 73 to the end. However, make sure you get along easily, because Marcy has endangered alpine vegetation.

Popular route

Walk only on specified routes and always remain on open rock. Four primary paths lead to the summit of Mount Marcy. For further information on the longer approaches to this peak, we suggest you take a guidebook. This is a round journey of 14,8 miles, with a moderate to steep ascent.

The first 2.3 miles of the Van Hoevenberg Trail start at the Loj parking lot and are simple to moderate by approaching the former Marcy Dam site. Hurricane Irene's storms washed out the dam. But Mount Colden, Mount Avalanche and Wright Peak still have great views. Mount Marcy is a difficult mountain that expert walkers should only try in winter. Snowshoes are an essential part of a path, and the exposed upping areas of the peak require snow spikes or crampons.

Plan the temperature up to a maximum of 20 degrees cooler than the valley with a few additional non-cotton layers, a headlamp with battery space, additional feeding, a windbreaker, goggles, facing mask, and emergency equipment. Need to know. Need to know. A few stream crossings are available along the walk and prepare yourself for moist feet.

It can be confused, like the others in the Adirondacks, and you will not leave the path to minimize the impact on the mud. Stop and look around when you reach the dam. The opinions are excellent! From the dam, walk to the bridge downstream and follow the indications to Mt. Some roads go up to the summit, but these are the most common path, starting at Adirondack Loj.

High peaks region

Marcy's path, which begins at Adirondack Loj at Heart Lake, is also the shorter one and a half miles, beginning with a rolling walk to Marcy Dam for 2.3 miles. In 2011, the bridge over the dam cleared out, so you cross the river before the dam. You'll see the path register for all the summits that rise from here after reaching the dam. You pass a number of lean-tos and campsites after passing through the register and you arrive at the Avalanche Pass in 100 yards.

Follow this path along the Phelps Brook for 0.8 miles until the path turns left to Phelps, and you will be on the right in the direction of Marcy. 3 miles, which leads to a land level with views over the village of Marcy before Indian Falls. A little under two miles, this road will gradually climb up, and a 6.2 km junction with the left path leading up to Keene Valley will lead you. Here you go to the right again and walk about 0.8 miles until you break down on the rocky top of Marcy.

Parking area

The open surface to the summit is 4 miles across. At the entry there will be a toll booth, and a $10 parking fee will be paid. In Clare, New York, on the Nordwest corner of the Adirondacks, Lampson Falls is situated. Head Trail of Elephant.

A few miles from the Titus Mountain Family ski resort the path is in Malone Memorial Recreation Park. The CATS trails offer distinct views than other Adirondacks area, namely that many paths overlook and walk along the banks of the Champlain Lake, an area which is unusual for the remainder of the Adirondacks. The walk has various terrains and a height increase of 3170 meters, which may make you feel like this will be a lengthy day. The summit of Mount Marcy has four paths.

Continuing on the path, on a steep climb to Indian Fall you will get to the heart rate. The increase in altitude will calm a bit when you hit the drops and move towards the tree line–maintain an eye on altering weather as you get over the tree line. Walk through the Avalanche Pass to Mount Colden. Put in your first auxiliary kit, and bring down the park rangers ' telephone number, before you begin your walk.

On one of those rocks I met a fella who broke his ankle. The last 1⁄2 mile up, it was the hardest, I got back an ancient ITB injury and slowed me. Super, long walk to the summit soon! Gorgeous High Peak view.




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44.1125536 -73.9234763

Contact Information

1002 Adirondack Loj Road, Lake Placid, NY 12946-0867

Rating and comments

Jarred Ellisor
Jarred Ellisor
Fun to hike up from either side. Coming from Northeast involves more mud but is less steep. Great views of the entire high peaks region.
Michaele Jones
Michaele Jones
Fun hike for moderate to advanced hikers, it's not very challenging as far as scrambles but it's very long. Highly recommend you start the hike early so you'll have time to make it back to the loj parking lot before dark. Plenty of spots along the way to fill up water. I also recommend dropping your pack just before the last accent to the top, your legs will thank you on the way back. Also check ahead of time to make sure the summit won't be in the clouds.
Lizzie Ranallo
Lizzie Ranallo
This was an amazing hike with an even better payoff at the summit with the views. The hike is not for the inexperienced as the route I took was 14+ miles with over 3000' of elevation change round trip.
Michael Haywood
Michael Haywood
One of the toughest peaks to hike from the northern side. We are a bunch of avg hikers and it took us a good 5hrs to hike up to the top which, is around 14kms from the info centre. There were a lot of icy patches that slowed us down a bit and make it risky but, we didn’t give up, made it to the top. In return what we got is breathtaking 360 degree view.
Karena Burkhard
Karena Burkhard
Excellent destination for hiker. Sometimes for everything. It is just as beautiful ride in all seasons .this whole area is amazing! .the scenery is much to do . Hiking, kayaking, mountain biking,swimming, boating, means everything. I love this place .largest wilderness in lower than 48 states .wonderful views. Awesome for mountain lovers, main peak round trip is about 25 miles, awesome jungle, awesome journey, awesome experience. Highest height in in new York, camping site ,overnight stay,bear protection information center, amazing mercy.

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