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Mount Abraham, Vermont hiking

Vermont, United States

By lydia.crawford

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14 KM

Elevation gain

1,224 meters

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Mount Abraham is the fifth tallest peak in the U.S. state of Vermont. The summit supports a small amount of alpine vegetation and offers a view of the Champlain Valley and Adirondack Mountains to the west. Mount Abraham is on the Long Trail, a 272-mile (438 km) hiking trail running the length of Vermont. The mountain summit can be reached from the south (Lincoln Gap) or from the north (Lincoln Peak, Mount Ellen, Monroe Skyline). There is no camping permitted at the summit, but Battell Shelter is located roughly one mile from the summit south on the Long Trail.Mount Abraham is the highest point in Addison County. The mountain — named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States — is part of the Green Mountains' Presidential Range. In 1881 the mountain was known as Potato Hill and this name is stamped on the benchmark at the summit which was reset in 1978.Mount Abraham stands within the watershed of Lake Champlain, which drains into the Richelieu River in Québec, then eventually into the Saint Lawrence River, and into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The southeast face of Mt. Abraham drains into Lincoln Brook, then into the Mad River, the Winooski River, and into Lake Champlain. The southwest face of Abraham drains into the New Haven River, Otter Creek, and into Lake Champlain. The northwest face of Abraham drains into Beaver Meadow Brook, then into the New Haven River.

There are two trails to the summit from the south. The Long Trail which leaves Lincoln Gap is 2.6 mile trail, 1600 feet rise pick up and a generally class 1 rating with one soak segment being a class 2 scramble. The Battell Trail has a greater amount of a (2550 ft.) rise pick up and separate (2.9 miles) yet holds an indistinguishable evaluations from the Long Trail from Lincoln Gap. The Battell keeps running into the Long's Trail and the last 0.9 miles to the highest point of Mt. Abraham is on the Long Trail.

By methods for LONGS TRAIL IN LINCOLN GAP FROM THE EAST: From Route 100 in Warren, VT in take Lincoln Gap Road. Take the road around 5 miles to near the height of land. The trail will be to your correct favor ceasing on the two sides of the road..

By means of LONGS TRAIL IN LINCOLN GAP FROM THE WEST: From Lincoln take the Lincoln Gap Road east to right finished the stature of land. The trail will be to your left side with stopping on the two sides of the street.

By means of THE BATTELL TRAIL: From Lincoln head up Quaker St. a half mile north before making a privilege onto Elder Road.

This mountain is prescribed for spring, summer, and fall climb. Lincoln Gap street is shut amid the winter. In the event that you do anticipate climbing through the Long Trail from Lincoln Gap, plan to include noteworthy separations roundtrip. Additionally get readied for the unsafe winter climate and bring snowshoes and crampons. The Green Mountains must be covered calm much of the time with snow.

Outdoors is accessible at the Battell Shelter when there is an overseer. Anyway when I was at the Battell Shelter I saw no overseer.

Mt. Abraham is additionally on the renowned Long Trail which extend from the Appalachian Mountains to the Canadian Border. The trail stays as one great exploring treks and should for the most part be possible in half a month.

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