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A ribbon lake is a long and narrow, finger-shaped lake, usually found in a glacial trough. Its formation begins when a glacier moves over an area containing alternate bands of hard and soft bedrock. The sharp-edged boulders that are picked up by the glacier and carried at the bottom of the glacier erode the softer rock more quickly by abrasion, thus creating a hollow called a rock basin. On either side of the rock basin, the more resistant rock is eroded less and these outcrops of harder rock are known as rock bars, which act as dams between which rainwater may accumulate after the retreat of the ice age, filling up the rock basin and creating a ribbon lake. A ribbon lake may also form behind a terminal or recessional moraine, both of which also act as dams, enabling water to accumulate behind them. A ribbon lake may also occur if a tributary glacier joins a main glacier. The increase in power can create a trough, which is filled with water from a river/meltwater to create a ribbon lake. A ribbon lake is one of a number of glacial landscapes. These include arêtes, corries, rock lips, rock basins and terminal moraines. Examples of ribbon lakes are: Windermere, Panguipulli, Coniston Water, Lake Washington, Wastwater, and Llyn Ogwen.

The Ribbon Lake is a beautiful, serene lake located in Alberta, Canada. The lake is known for its clear, turquoise waters and the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains that can be seen from its shores. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities at the lake, including swimming, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. There are also several hiking trails that lead to the lake, making it the perfect destination for nature lovers.

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Ribbon Lake
Ribbon Lake, Alberta T0L 2C0, Canada

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Starting Point

The Ribbon Lake trailhead is located in the Kananaskis Valley, approximately 60 km west of Calgary. From Calgary, take the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) west to the Kananaskis Village turnoff (Exit 118). Turn left onto the Kananaskis Lakes Trail and follow it for approximately 15 km to the Ribbon Lake parking lot.

Why visit Ribbon Lake

The Ribbon Lake is a beautiful place to visit in Alberta. The lake is surrounded by mountains, which makes for a stunning view. The lake is also a great place for fishing, swimming, and hiking. There are several trails that lead around the lake, making it the perfect place for a nature hike.

Is Ribbon Lake in Alberta a good place for the whole family?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on what the family is looking for in a vacation spot. Some families might find Ribbon Lake to be a great place to relax and enjoy nature, while others might find it too quiet or remote.

Things not to be missed

The best activities near Ribbon Lake in Alberta are hiking, fishing, and camping. A bref description not to be missed would be the beautiful scenery and the opportunity to enjoy nature.

-Hiking: There are a number of hiking trails in the area, including the Ribbon Lake Trail, which offers beautiful views of the lake.

-Fishing: Ribbon Lake is a popular spot for fishing, with trout and salmon being the most common catches.

-Boating: Visitors can enjoy boating on the lake or renting a canoe or kayak to explore its shores.

-Swimming: The clear waters of Ribbon Lake make it perfect for swimming.

Where to eat?

1. The Rib Cage- This restaurant is known for their delicious ribs and BBQ sauce. They also have a wide variety of other food items on their menu, including chicken, steak, and fish.

2. The Boil House- This restaurant is known for their Cajun cuisine. They serve up dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish étouffée.

3. The Keg- This steakhouse is known for their high-quality steaks and seafood. They also have a wide variety of wine and beer available.

4. The Old Spaghetti Factory- This Italian restaurant is known for their family-friendly atmosphere and affordable prices. They serve up classic Italian dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, and chicken parmesan.

5. The Pancake House- This breakfast restaurant is known for their delicious pancakes, waffles, and omelettes. They also have a wide variety of breakfast meats, like bacon, sausage, and ham.

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