St Mark's Summit, British Columbia - Hiking

St Mark's Summit, British Columbia - Hiking

British Columbia, Canada


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St. Mark's Summit is a trail measuring exactly 10.8 kilometers, located near West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It offers various wild fauna and is part of these easy to access trails. The trail is often dedicated to hiking, running, outdoor activities and bird watching. It is advisable to visit it during the month of May to October. If you want, you can take your dog, while holding a leash.

Discover St Mark summit

With a total distance of 10.8 km, this route will continue at a height of 605 m. The summit of St. Mark is one of the trails on the Howe Sound Crest Trail. The latter stretches more than 30 km from Cypress to Sea to Sky, near Porteau Cove.

To find this trail, look for the sign for the Howe Sound Crest Trail. It runs along several ski trails until a sign indicates the Howe Sound Crest Trail. You can also see the beginning of the St Mark Trail if you take a chairlift. You will be high and can admire the view while looking for the circuit.

After a short walk, the trail ends with a gravel path. Continue left, and you will see that the road will begin to narrow. When you get to the Howe Sound Crest, it means you're at the top of the mountain.

The path leads briefly to a beautiful landscape, then to go through two bridges. A few meters later, you will have to climb the mountain. The circuit begins to level and a brief descent along the summit of the ridge offers some relief. The journey is simple and fast.

Before finishing this track, you will have to climb to the top of Saint-Marc. You can then begin another circuit, located on a rocky ground. From there, you will see the wild animals that have taken up residence there. Do not be afraid, because as long as you do not disturb them, they will leave you alone. If you have climbed the mountain on a clear day, you can enjoy views of Howe Sound, the Tantalus Range and even the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island in the distance.

Apart from these, several landscapes are also to be visited during this journey. In no case should they be ignored so as not to regret it afterwards. Unless you still have time to come back.

However, take some time to rest. It is true that finishing a circuit must be done quickly, but you have to take your time to admire the landscape while resting. For example, you can have your lunch and take pictures at the same time. When the time to resume the journey will point out your nose, you will forget the efforts that you provided during the climb.

St. Mark's summit

For starters, first park your car at the Cypress Mountain car park and then take the main lodge. In general, it is next to the big Olympic rings. Arriving in front of the lodge, you will see two signs to the Howe Sound Crest Trail and the North Trail, the closest to the Lion's Express chairlift.

This beacon will guide you directly to the Howe Sound Crest and Lions Track. Do not be surprised if you do not see any information about the Saint Mark summit. Easily identifiable, it is right throughout the HSCT.

A few meters after your departure, you will have to go through the forest to finish on a ski slope. Several tracks can be followed or just previewed during this trip. Although they each have their authenticity, you are especially advised to make a detour to the Bowen Lookout back. A detour will not cost you anything. You will be able to admire more landscape, receive more fresh air, find the beauty of nature, and take pictures as a souvenir.

Whatever your choice, a hiking trail should not be chosen lightly. Indeed, everyone has their needs and desires.

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