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702 meters

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Known by hikers, this granite trail is located in Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in Squamish. It is one of the highest granite mountains in North America and dominates up to 702 meters above the town of Squamish. The Stawamus Trail is shown as a not too easy hike, which can be discovered between 2 and 6 o'clock. During this trip, you can see and visit three peaks, where you can catch your breath and admire the view of the Howe Strait.

Discover the Stawamus Chief

Stawamus Chief is a mountain that dominates the town of Squamish and Howe Sound. This track is composed of three different peaks as well as the Sea to Sky. The fun part of this journey is that you will have to climb, climb the ropes and use chains to pull up. It is for this reason that you must take information before choosing a hiking trail. We can have lots of surprises along the way!
Measuring exactly 7 kilometers, this journey can be made in 3 hours of minimum time. But if you want to take your time to get some fresh air, take photos, you can do it in 5 hours!
Unlike other tracks, the Stawamus Chief is an average track, not easy and not difficult, especially for professionals. Ideal for hiking, many tourists currently choose it. Its access is very easy, you can never get lost and it is the ideal track for occasional hikers. As soon as you are at the top, you will be dazzled by the panoramic views of the Squamish Valley, Howe Sound, the town of Squamish and the nearby mountain peaks. Although this is a very popular tour, do not imagine that it's an easy ride. It is often advisable for fans of this kind of hiking to wear good accessories such as specialized shoes, first aid kit, snack crust, and especially bottles of water. It seems so heavy to wear, but prevention is better than cure!

How to access the Stawamus Chief?

If you take your car, you will see road signs along Highway 99, as well as advertisements for Stawamus Chief Provincial Park. You will then see discovering a large piece of land and this is where the Stawamus trail starts.

Stawamus Chief dominates the town of Squamish, and is one of those most popular places now. With panoramic views of Howe Sound and several peaks of Garibaldi Provincial Park, this is a trail that should not be missed. We can finish the visit of its three summits in one day. But we are shorter circuit to the Southern Peak, while admiring a spectacular view.

Upon arrival at the Shannon Falls parking lot, you will go directly to the park and turn left onto the gravel road to the creek. After a few hundred meters, you will be able to admire the Shannon Falls, where the water drops to more than 330 meters of altitude. This extraordinary waterfall is very popular with adventurers, and you can swim on a hot and sunny day.

To find the summit of this Chief, take the opposite direction of the falls to a clearing and continue straight on a dirt road. The trail slowly begins to climb and passes through Olesen Creek.

During your trip, 30 to 45 minutes are often made for climbing on wooden steps and a well-worn dirt road.
South Peak offers unique views of Howe Sound and the town of Squamish. If you still want to go to the top of the mountain, it would be better to have a lunch break before returning. On the other hand, to observe the two other summits, it will be necessary to resume the road and cross the rocks before returning to the forest.

Whatever your physical abilities, it is important to be well prepared to climb these mountains. Indeed, it is not enough to have full motivation; it also takes a lot of will to finish the circuit.

Due to the difficulty that can be encountered, hikers are often advised to bring good accessories, such as non-slip step shoes, bottled water, a hat and mosquito repellent in case finish your journey only late in the evening. When asking for information about this trip, do not forget to ask if you can do some camping at the same time, and if pets are allowed!

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