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Bluff Trail, Awenda Provincial Park - Hiking

Ontario, Canada




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Located at the edge of Penetanguishene Peninsula, this trail is ideal for hikers who are looking for adventure. Offering a relief landscape through its glaciers, it begins at Georgian Bay and is later along with Nottawasaga Bay and the Severn Strait. One of the most surprising corners of this track is the Nipissing Bluff. It is a beach with a height of 60m, not recommended for small in any case!

Amazing journey

This track offers an incredible view of its fauna and flora. We can discover different types of wildflowers such as red, white and painted trills. The discovery of all this can be done from the crest of a cliff.

The Bluff Trail is a section where nature lovers will find their happiness. In fact, apart from the forest and flowers, we can also admire more than 200 species of birds from the north and south. For specialists, we can see for example hooded warblers, warblers with black throat, blue and cerulean, etc.

Aside from nature, the Bluff trail is one of those parks where you can find the remains of an abandoned natural city, which are currently part of the archaeological sites. Four cultures previously lived in this park: the Paleo, the Laurentian Archaic, the Middle Woodland and the Hurons. We are currently researching how they live.

For starters, it's good to know that this Bluff Trail is a circular trail. We can meet other visitors at any time, since everyone can choose the track that suits him. Indeed, even if we take different routes, we cross easily. This trail passes through wet locations, while offering unimaginable views of Georgian Bay, especially in automn.

The Bluff Trail

Interesting for beginners, it is a very simple course and very short, and its distance turns on 13 km. We can therefore do the grand tour only in 4 hours maximum time. However, it will depend essentially on your ability to walk quickly. It's a trail where beginners will have their place in the race. We often advise hikers to choose this track in autumn, because during this season, the color of flowers, leaves are magical, and will dazzle you! Aside from these, birds and trills will also offer you an unforgettable show.

Getting to the Bluff Trail

everal accesses are accessible in this park to access the Bluff Trail.

The Bluff Trail is composed of four loops, which are often joined together and ultimately bypass the Upper Five Bridge Lake. One color has been appropriate for each loop so that we can distinguish them, and then choose one that suits our physical abilities. With a distance of 12 km, you can go through the first two loops in seven full hours of walking, if you do not take a break. However, if you want to finish all four loops, you must know that the total distance is 30 km.

There is, for example, the Bluff Wilderness Trail, which is set in the wildest part of Five Bridge Lakes. The Bluff Trail begins just south of Highway 103, where it passes through the Chebucto Peninsula, Nova Scotia. Specifically, the trail source is established on the Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Trail between Highway 103 just south of Exit 4 and the northern tip of Cranberry Lake. For Bluff Trial visitors, parking has been specially built.

It should be noted that Bluff Trail was erected by the Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization, as authorized by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.

For history, it is good to know that the loops of Pot Lake and Mi'kmaw Hill were discovered in 2003 by six academics and with the help of twenty volunteers. The research was coordinated by Peter Romkey. It was only after that, in 2004, that the Bluff and Hay Marsh loops came into being.

Natural landscapes

If we arrive for the first time on this track, we will be amazed. Indeed, the Bluff Trail offers several types of landscapes. For example, there are maples and red oaks, black spruce, spruce and hardwood forests, and so on. It is a place where you can admire the beauty of the forest.

This track is full of many historical corners as mentioned above. However, one can also observe a coastal plain, several rare species of lichen etc.

The Bluff Trail is a path placed high up. As a result, one can have a unique view of nature and the lakes that surround it.


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