Bruce Peninsula National Park High Point, Ontario - Hiking

Bruce Peninsula National Park High Point, Ontario - Hiking

Ontario, Canada


Elevation gain 271 M



Photos of Bruce Peninsula National Park High Point, Ontario

For those who are interested in this trail, it is important to know in advance that we can finish it in full after a minimum of 30 days. To discover the whole Bruce Peninsula National Park, the guides had the good idea to organize stages, spanning a maximum of two weeks. By going through these tours, you will discover Mono Cliffs Provincial and Bruce Peninsula Provincial Parks, where you can see cliffs and original rivers. For tourists looking for an original and authentic view, it is advisable to follow the easiest path, which will help you discover the beautiful east coast of Horse Lake.

Bruce Trail, Bruce Peninsula National Park

As noted above, the Bruce Trail Bruce Peninsula National Park Trail has long been discovered and is the longest hike in Canada. For those who are interested, the exact distances that we could check lately is around 840 km long, with more than 440 km of secondary tracks.

Several types of travelers have passed through this park. There were professionals, beginners, families, etc. More than 400,000 visits were recorded. Tourists can also walk, admire wildlife, and take pictures. The landscape on display is unimaginable!

The Bruce Peninsula National Park Trail was designated as a World Nature Reserve by UNESCO, by the United Nations in 1990. It should be noted that this park is one of twelve national reserves. Thanks to its alliance with Hike Ontario, this track has also taken its place in the Ontario Trails Council.

View not to be missed

The Bruce Peninsula National Park Trail is the starting point for many waterfalls, as well as rivers that emerge after the fall of Niagara. It's not to be missed because it's unique. You can see Niagara Falls, one of the best-known rivers in the country, thanks to a route parallel to the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Throughout this journey, we can easily discover different types of flora and wild animals. One can admire for example very old fir trees, which are often visible on the edges of the fall itself.

The Bruce Trail and the slope cross some of the most populated areas of Ontario. Apart from these tracks, one can also see golf courses, accommodations etc. The celebrity of the trail itself, getting closer to inhabited parts and the intrepid behavior of some hikers often threatens the virtue and viability of the Bruce Peninsula National Park Trail.

Very interesting to make discoveries, this track passes by public grounds. With this distance, the Bruce Peninsula National Park Trail has often gone through private estates as well as road reserves. This is what disturbs the owners most, given the number of tourists who pass. It is for this reason that an agreement has been reached between the BTC and the landowners, so that travelers can pass without having to ask permission from the owners. On the road side, this is not the best way to follow the trail of the Bruce Peninsula National Park.

The best Tours around Bruce Peninsula National Park

Every adventurer has his goals when he embarks on a big raid like this. However, it is important to know in advance the circuits to remember during this hike.

Indeed, we can discover that this region was covered by a tropical sea for ages. From this fact, layers of fossilized corals, dolomites and limestone are visible, which can not be missed since they are exposed in relief.

Following the trail of the Bruce Peninsula National Park, one can make geological finds unthinkable, like a cave dug into the cliffs. Do not forget to visit the Overhanging Point. It is a form of big bowl, which can be seen in a cliff. This must be one of the areas that must not be missed, as it is one of the favorite trails accessible from Cyprus Lake.

One of the most interesting paths is the trail that takes you to the Grotto and Indian Head Cove. It is a trail with a lot of wildlife, very easy for beginners. However, it is imperative to wear hiking boots special because, arrived at the rocky part; we will not be able to take a step without having slip soles. Therefore wearing special shoes is then recommended for this area. It's a very slippery go.

At the end of this trail, you will be amazed by the view that the Overhanging Point will offer you. It's amazing and unforgettable, it's worth it!

So do not hesitate, wear good accessories and you will be surprised by the surprise that nature will offer you.


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