Kabeyun Trail, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario

Ontario, Canada


The Kabeyun is the most extensive trail in the park, and is popular with hikers.

 Starting at Thunder Bay Lookout, this trail crosses Lake Superior after Clavet Point and Hoorigan Point to finish at Sawyer Bay.


Choose the Kabeyun track


This track is 40 km long, and offers a unique landscape for hikers. It is for this reason that many people decide to make an experiment. When we take this kind of course, it is advisable to get well equipped. Take a bottle of water with you, see two; a little snack, and emergency medicine. The time to finish this trail may vary depending on your physical ability. This is why hikers are advised to inform their relatives about the route they have chosen and the time of return. This is valid especially if we get lost or if we have a road accident!




Overview of the Kabeyun Trail

This trail is located on the Sibley Peninsula, and looks like a giant that sprawls on its back if we look at the northwest side of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. To get an idea of ​​its exact size, it rises 600 feet from the elevation of Lake Superior to the culminating position of 1,847 feet. With a height of 1247 bfeet, it is the highest-altitude trail in Ontario. When you are there, do not forget to go around the chimneys overlooking Lake Superior and see the rocky corners. The prominent point is on the path leading to Nanabosho. However, it is good to know that the highest part of this trail is only 100 m from the belvedere.



Instructions to follow for your hikes

As with any trip, it is best to follow the recommendations given. This is to avoid unnecessary accidents. To get to the park from Thunder Bay, take Highway 11/17 and drive 34 km south.

This destination offers several points of attraction like the trek. That's great! The kabeyun is one of the most popular tracks currently. The main purpose of hikers is to quickly reach the highest point. The fastest route for this is through the north, passing the Sawyer Bay Trail. But if you want to do more discoveries, there is another longer track. You are going south. It is very long and inconvenient for beginners.

Start your journey at the beginning of the Kabeya Trail on Pass Lake Road, which is located a few miles south of Lake Louise. To avoid wasting time, or simply want to do some sport, a bike tour is very convenient. This mode of transportation is allowed on this path of Kabeyun given the distance to go. Unlike Kabeyun, the Sawyer Bay Trail is well preserved. Several hills can be found along the trail. With cycling, it is sure that you will be able to discover them all, even if there are some difficulties on some parts. If you do not have a bicycle, then it would be advisable to wear special hiking shoes because it is a stony path, slippery. Who has never climbed a hill! Accessing it is not a surprise for everyone anyway!

Some points on this trail offer unique landscapes. To avoid getting sick, it is best to have a big hat, water and bread or a tasty hand. The road is long and you never know how long you will spend in this journey. Even if you spend your day in the mountains, you can discover landscapes just as different.




Photos of Kabeyun Trail, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario

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