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Why choose a trail at Kivi Park?

Kivi Park is a beautiful park located in Ontario. The park is home to a variety of different plants and animals, and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. There are several hiking trails that wind through the park, and visitors can also enjoy fishing, bird watching, and camping. Kivi Park is a great place to spend a day or weekend with family and friends.

What are the services on site?

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46.4060647 -80.9945023

What are the coordinates and address of Kivi Park?

Kivi Park
Kivi Park, Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada

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Starting Point

The Kivi Park trails can be accessed from the parking lot on the east side of the park.

Why visit Kivi Park

The Kivi Park is a beautiful park located in Ontario, Canada. The park is home to a variety of different animals and plants, making it the perfect place for nature lovers to visit. Additionally, the park offers a number of different activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking, biking, and fishing.

Is Kivi Park in Ontario a good place for the whole family?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on what each family is looking for in a park. Kivi Park is a large park with plenty of open space and forested areas, which could make it a good place for families with children who enjoy playing outdoors. There are also playgrounds, a swimming pool, and other amenities at the park, so it could be a good place for a family outing.

Things not to be missed

Near Kivi Park in Ontario, there are many great activities and attractions to enjoy. Some of the best include hiking and biking through the park's trails, fishing in the park's many lakes and ponds, and exploring the park's nature center. Additionally, visitors should not miss stopping by the nearby town of Bancroft for shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

1. Kivi Park is a great place for a walk or a picnic.

2. The park is also home to a playground, a basketball court, and a soccer field.

3. Visitors can enjoy the views of the park's gardens and ponds.

4. Kivi Park is also close to several restaurants and shops.

Where to eat?

1. The Burger's Priest - A hidden burger joint that is known for their delicious burgers and fries.

2. Poutineville - A small poutine restaurant that is known for their delicious poutine.

3. Kinton Ramen - A hidden ramen restaurant that is known for their delicious ramen bowls.

4. Banh Mi Boys - A hidden Vietnamese sandwich shop that is known for their delicious banh mi sandwiches.

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