Mont Echo Statistics

Elevation gain

750 meters

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Why choose a trail at Mont Echo?

Mount Echo is a walking and hiking area located near downtown Quebec City. It offers a breathtaking view of the capital and the Laurentians. Its winding and steep trails invite walkers to discover the local flora and fauna.

Mount Echo trails offer hikers a variety of landscapes to discover. They meander through woodlands, fields and meadows, and provide beautiful views of the area. The trails are well-marked and easy to follow.

Mount Echo Trails offer a variety of opportunities for hikers and bikers. The trails wind through the forest and hills, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The trails are well-maintained and easy to navigate, making them an ideal choice for families and beginners.

What are the services on site?

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From sunrise to sunset

45.1 -72.4830555

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Starting Point

The trailhead for the Mount Echo trails is located at the intersection of Mont-Echo and Promenade-des-Ancêtres streets.

To get to the Mount Echo trails, you must go to the municipality of Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton, located about an hour and a half's drive from Montreal.

To get to the Mount Echo trails, you must go to the municipality of Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton, located at 905 Chemin des Patriotes Nord.

Why visit Mont Echo

Mount Echo is a place of worship and pilgrimage located near the city of Tunis, Tunisia. It consists of a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary and a convent. Pilgrims come here to pray and ask for the protection of the Virgin Mary.

There are many activities available at Mount Echo. The most popular activities include hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and camping.

There are many activities possible at Echo Mountain in the winter. Some of the most popular activities include hiking, cross-country skiing, ice skating and dog sledding.

Mount Echo is located about an hour's drive from the city of Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships. This mountain offers a breathtaking view of the Laurentians and the Appalachians. In addition, Mount Echo is an ideal place to practice hiking and cross-country skiing.

Mount Echo is located in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec. It is easily accessible by car and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The site is also conducive to hiking and contemplation, making it an ideal place to recharge.

Things not to be missed

Mount Echo is a place for walking and relaxation located a few minutes from downtown Quebec City. It offers a breathtaking view of the capital and the Laurentians. In addition, it is possible to hike and cross-country ski there in winter.

There are different types of unusual accommodations on Mount Echo. There are yurts, teepees, perched cabins and trailers. These accommodations are all very beautiful and offer a breathtaking view of nature. They are also very comfortable and have everything you need to have a pleasant stay.

There is no best camping place in Echo Mountain, as it depends on everyone's taste and preferences. Some people prefer campsites located in the wilderness, while others prefer campsites close to shops and services.

Mount Echo is located near the city of Magog, in the Eastern Townships region. This mountain offers many activities not to be missed, such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing and cross-country skiing. In addition, the scenery from its summit is breathtaking!

Mount Echo Campground is located near the town of Lac-Megantic and offers a breathtaking view of the lake.

Mount Echo is located near many must-see activities. Within a short drive, visitors can go to Parc du Mont-Orford, the historic Village of Sutton, or the Station touristique du Mont-Sutton. Those who prefer outdoor activities will be able to take advantage of Mont Echo's hiking and biking trails, as well as the many downhill and cross-country ski trails located nearby.

There are many camping spots at Mont Echo in the Eastern Townships region. Some of the best camping spots include Mont Echo Campground, Lake Memphremagog Campground and Lake Magog Campground. These three campgrounds offer a variety of activities and services, as well as easy access to the area's main attractions.

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What is the elevation of Mont Echo?

750.00 M

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