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Mont-tremblant National Park - Hiking

Laurentides, Quebec


Distance 192 KM



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Parc National du Mont-Tremblant

A Canadian provincial park named Parc National du Mont-Tremblant situated in the north of the Mont-Tremblant city in Quebec is renowned as the oldest regional parks of the area. It is named after the town Mont-Tremblant and hosts several activities throughout the winter and summer season for entertaining the visitors. This provincial park has a huge area of 1510.10 km2 and was created in the early 1981. The governing body of the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant is SEPAQ. For the travelers around the country, this park has got the most attracted outing activities for you.

From cross-country skiing to long and short hiking hut, snowshoeing to canoe lake and river kayaking, back country swimming and camping to mountain biking; this park has got all the magnetism to pull you towards it. The territory of this park is in the MRC (regional county municipality) of Matawinie, Laurentides and Antonie-Labelle and this area expands from the east to the north of Saint-Come. It consists of 3 unorganized territory and 8 municipalities and is surrounded by the Zec Lavigne on the east and Rouge-Matawin Wildlife on the north.

The Diable sector named as Rouge of this park is reachable by the route 117 from Montreal and the highway 15. The Pimbia sector can be reached through the route 125 from the Saint-Donat. The other section named Assomption sector can be accomplished via Saint-Come. The other ways to get and an entrance inside the park are Saint-Michel-des-Saints, La Macaza and Labelle.

If we talk about the weather of Parc National du Mont-Tremblant, we can say that it has a cold winter and warm summer.

The park is a combination of wildlife and flora. 40 different species of mammals are seen in this park namely moose, eastern wolf, red fox, black bear, muskrat, river, mink, hare and a lot more. The miscellany of the birds is approximately of 194 species which includes 25 warblers.  Seven species of different reptiles along with fourteen different species of amphibians are present here. This is also called to be the climax territory of yellow birch to sugar-bush when talking about flora.

For hiking and other outdoor activities, experienced people can feel comfortable than the beginners. In the total area of activity, 13.3 km will be easy for anyone; 20 km will seem a little tough and the other 30 km will be hard-hitting. Point of falling on the way is less but the trials are not much affordable.

So, if you crave for peace for some days along with a several outdoor fun, this place is all yours. According to the facilities it provides, we can rate Parc National du Mont-Tremblant in 4out of 5 stars.


Parking reception pavilion Toilet Refuge Shelter Winter camping Rental center Picnic table

What are the best trails at Mont-tremblant National Park ?

  • Trails
  • La Promenade
    6.5 km
  • Chute-aux-Rats
    5 km
  • Sentier de marche hivernale
    3 km
  • Le Lac-des-Femmes
    2.7 km
  • Geai-Bleu
    2.5 km
  • Les Ruisselets
    4.4 km
  • La Corniche
    4.1 km
    180 m
  • La Ouache
    3.3 km
  • La Roche
    2.5 km
    220 m
  • La Coulée
    1.6 km
    80 m
  • Le Centenaire
    9.2 km
    400 m
  • Mont-des-Cascades
    7.5 km
    400 m
  • L'Envol
    5.5 km
    185 m


Access fee $ 8.50

46.2612 -74.5101

Contact Information

819 688-2281
4456, chemin du Lac-Supérieur Lac-Supérieur (Québec) J0T 1P0

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