Difficulty Easy
Elevation gain 1,073 M


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Photos of Baker Mountain, Maine

Baker Mountain is a small community ski area located in Moscow, Maine. It consists of five runs (3 beginner and 2 intermediate) and a T-bar lift. The ski area is on the southern end of Pierce Hill (el. 1,310 ft or 400 m), just north of its namesake, Baker Mountain (el. 780 ft or 240 m) It was started in 1930 by Allen Quimby Jr.
Baker Mountain is run by its pass holders, who volunteer their time. During school vacations the club operates a ski school.


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Coordinates 45.571063 -69.393967

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Rating and comments

Alex C
Amy Sheetz
You need to try this place.
James Kirby
I have lot of funny there.
Wayne Karim
Mission accomplished. It's fab!!
Karena Burkhard
Pretty cool place.You will love for sure! :-)

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